A perfect location…

Sportcamp Loutraki is the largest, and most comprehensive, privately owned sports centre in Greece. Less than an hour’s drive from Athens, Sportcamp Loutraki has built a prestigious reputation for excellence. It has been an international centre of excellence for Arsenal FC and currently is the European hub for the American TNBA. The National Basketball Academy, based in Sportscamp Loutraki provides training camps and USA basketball scholarships on behalf of NBA teams.

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In the Sports Hall

There are numerous indoor and outdoor facilities, including football pitches, basketball courts, tennis and volleyball courts, swimming pools, in fact you name it – it’s here! Everyone from Professional footballers and European league basketball players, to Olympic athlete’s and dance companies come here to train, play, perform and stay in the fully equipped log houses.

Sportcamp Loutraki Facilities Include:
  • 4 Football Fields
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    Visit to Olympiacos

  • 3 Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • 3 Tennis Courts
  • 2 Wooden Floor Sports Halls
  • Squash Court
  • Gym
  • Cross Country Route
  • Bike Tracks
  • Dance Studio
  • Swimming pool


Sportcamp Loutraki: more than just a sports centre…
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Great Facilities

Sportcamp works for school groups on a number of levels. Firstly the personal service is second to none and is always commented on as ‘excellent’ in our client surveys. As you would expect, meals are most important as professional teams have specific requirements but even for school groups menus are agreed with party leaders well before departure.

The driving force behind Sportcamp Loutraki
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The Pool

The history of the Sportcamp Loutraki goes back to 1978, when it was founded by the physical education instructor Tasos Karavoulis. To this day, ownership remains with the family. Tasos’ son Spiros is now the owner and takes great pride in leading from the front. It is this personal touch from Spiros, Akis and their team which has made such an impression on our party leaders. The feedback about Sportcamp Loutraki was so good that we have teamed up with them to produce our third Sportsfest venue.

And did we mention…
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The Lake

Loutraki is a beach resort and ancient Spa and Sportcamp itself is only a couple of kilometres from the beach. Should you wish, your group can combine a sports tour with a watersports tour, as Sportcamp provides tuition on a fabulous inlet lake.

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