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    Aaron Jones

    60 second life story

    My teenage years were dominated by sport, Skiing and Playing football for Birmingham City. I also played golf, tennis and anything else I was allowed to have a go at! I have worked in many different professions over the past 15 years but eventually settled working with young people with severe behavioral difficulties. While I really enjoyed my job I always wanted to be involved with sport as well as being able to make a difference to young peoples lives, that’s why activ4 works for me

    What do you bring to the team?

    Enthusiasm and noise

    What are you most passionate about professionally?

    Giving young people new positive and exciting experiences.

    Guilty Pleasure?

    Having a beer with my mates watching the football.

    Where would we find you on a Sunday morning?

    Golf course

    Favourite quote…

    By the time you know what you need to know it will be too late. (my Dad)

    Last book read…

    Chris Evans- Memoirs of a fruitcake

    Happiest when…

    In Italy with my family.

    iTunes most played…

    Live lounge

    You’ll recognise me as the one who…

    Loud and annoying people