Fiesch Switzerland School Ski trips

Fiesch Switzerland School Ski trips (the Jungfrau-Aletsch)

When on school ski trips to Switzerland, Activ4 groups stay at the unique Sport Ferien Resort Fiesch on the outskirts of the beautiful Swiss village of Fiesch which is in the middle of the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site and surrounded by the Valais Alps – Spectacular!!

The Resort is only a short 900m walk from the Fiesch-Eggishorn Cable Car which means that there is no need for daily coach transfers to get your group to and from the slopes. The resort also offers its own ski hire so all ski fits are done on property which again keeps everything as simple as possible from an organisational point of view.

All in all this is an ideal venue for school ski trips in the heart of the beautiful Swiss Alps, from our point of view at Activ4 we love the resort and think that our groups will have a fantastic time.

Fiesch Switzerland School Ski trips

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Board: Full board
  • Passengers: 40
  • Free Staff Places: 4 free staff


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Sport Ferien Resort Fiesch

Excursions & Inclusions

Lift Pass, Equipment Hire, Lessons & Evening Entertainment

Where it’s held


Set on a low hill on the sunny side of the Upper Rhone Valley, Fiesch is a particularly picturesque destination. The ‘Old Village’ features the typically weathered houses of the Valais region and is centred in a magnificent forest, which is where the Fiesch Sport and Leisure Centre with all of its wonderful facilities is located.

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Fiesch Switzerland School Ski trips

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