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  • nigel

    Nigel Tribbeck

    What is your profession?

    Semi-retired, former police officer (31yrs), central government employee
    (10yrs). I currently have a portfolio career, where I am able to dip in and
    out of employment, with school ski rep at the top of the list for enjoyment
    and satisfaction.

    60 second life story?

    Born in Southampton in a working class family with two siblings, and caring
    and hard working parents. Enjoyed school and excelled at sport competing at
    county level in swimming and athletics. Was a member of a youth organisation
    which introduced me to hill walking and camping, and set me on target for
    achieving my D of E Gold award. Further education continued with service as
    a police cadet in Hampshire, which included college based work, outdoor
    pursuits, lifesaving, first aid and community service.
    Naturally progressed into the police service as a constable aged, 19yrs.
    Soon established a specialism in crime investigation which covered the major
    part of my career. Met and married my wife of 37yrs, Sue, with whom I have
    two sons, Stuart, a police officer, and Lewis, a teacher. Sue and I have
    been blessed with two grandsons, with whom we spend a lot of quality time.
    Have always maintained a good level of fitness through swimming, running,
    cycling, and mountain activities. Share a love of all genres of music with
    my wife, but not hard rock, and with soul and disco being my favourite. Even
    with the many hours of time taken up with work and home life, managed to
    squeeze in 13yrs as a reserve soldier with the Royal Military Police, who
    taught me to ski at the advanced age of 47yrs!  Luckily, Sue fell for the
    sport as well and there has not been a single year since learning that has
    not involved a week or two away skiing. The final six years of my police
    service was as a member of Special Branch, which led to an opening on
    retirement to an investigative position with the FCO. Needless to say I
    enjoy travelling. Looking forward to maintaining an active retirement,  but
    dutifully taking care of DIY and gardening, out of necessity, but not love!
    Looking forward to all the family going on holiday to Orlando at Easter.

    What do you bring to the team?

    Honesty, trust, a caring and responsible attitude, confidence, experience,
    and as recently commented upon by a teacher – ‘patience’.

    Resort experience?

    With in excess of twenty five ski weeks undertaken in France, Italy,
    Austria, Andorra and Colorado I have taken an interest in not only the
    skiing but what it takes to provide a safe experience when taking either
    groups of friends, or as the case is now, school students to what can be the
    most dangerous of environments – the mountains in winter!

    What is your favourite aspect to the role of resort rep?

    Without doubt the connection with the younger generation. In starting as a
    school ski rep at the age of 60, I naturally wondered how the students would
    react to the ‘old guy’ in an area of work where reps are generally much
    younger. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, kids are not stupid, they are often
    quite astute at deciding in whom they can trust. I’m seen as
    non-judgemental, I’m not the authority figure. To them I’m not ‘Sir’, but
    ‘Nigel’, the guy who explains in simple terms how to get the most out of
    their week away, whether it be on the mountain or enjoying a night out. I
    admit to selfishly getting much satisfaction from watching them develop
    through the week, gaining more confidence, as well as greater independence
    through the experience.

    Guilty pleasure?

    Simply, travel it does broaden the mind!

    Favourite quote?

    Often heard to say in resort, ‘We have no problems, only solutions’.

    Happiest when?

    I have all my family around me.