School Sports Tours

We deliver inspirational school sports tours and sporting experiences to young people.

Through knowledge, experience and passion, we also strive to ensure market leading standards of safety, support and value on all our school sports tours.

For countless students, our sports tours have provided pivotal sporting moments that stay in the memory for ever.

Our understanding of what you require stems from our own background as teachers when we travelled on our own sports tours.

Our experienced and helpful staff very much take into account what you require from a safe, well organised school sports trip.

school sports tours

Our Sportsfest tours bring out the best in your teams

On all our tailor made sports tours we can guarantee:

  • The quality of the resort’s accommodation and facilities
  • Games and tournaments with equally matched teams
  • Entertainment and activities to keep everyone amused in the evenings

In short, we want you to have an action packed sports tour to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the tour or trip.

school sports tours football

Our school football tours are popular, we offer tours to Spain, Italy, Portugal and further afield

We can offer expert advice on sport specific destinations, creating tours that inspire and engage your students.

We deliver inspirational educational experience which motivates young people and support tour group leaders with commitment, passion and integrity.


Our Sportsfest School Sports tours to Spain and Italy are school multi-sports tours which are great value for money… and include an action packed itinerary. Your teams will enjoy professional coaching sessions by experienced coaches, tournaments that are evenly matched, excursions to stadiums and waterparks and a fun filled programme of evening entertainment.

Read more about our Spain sportsfest tours and italy sportsfest tours.

Football Tours

Our action packed School football tours include training sessions, matches against evenly matched local teams, qualified local match officials, the chance to visit stadiums and nearby attractions, all combined with a fun filled programme of evening entertainment.

Netball Tours

We have been developing the content of our school netball tours to provide a non-stop coaching and tournament programme. With national coaches and umpires we can help you to inspire your girls with an unbeatable netball experience in Europe or Worldwide.

Rugby Tours

School Rugby Tours are the classic way to bond players whilst giving them the perfect platform to showcase their ability against international opposition. Our expert staff at Activ4 will help you to provide a whole host of completely unforgettable School Rugby Tours experiences for your touring teams.

Read more about our sport-specific tours: School football tours, girls’ international football tours, school rugby tours, school netball tours and pro football tours to clubs such as Sporting Lisbon, Portugal and Real Madrid, Spain.

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