Help make your students school trip dreams come by exploring our updated list of fundraising ideas for your school’s 2024 ski trip.

These creative and effective fundraising ideas will not only generate the funds needed but also engage the entire school community in supporting this unforgettable adventure.

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‘Your School’s Got Talent’:

Host a talent show where students can showcase their unique skills, adding a modern twist to classic favourites. This event not only entertains but also unites peers, teachers, parents, and the wider community.

Car Wash Extravaganza:

Transform a routine car wash into a profitable venture. Charge a reasonable fee for each car, and consider expanding beyond the school car park by partnering with local businesses to maximise visibility and participation.

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Car Boot Sale Spectacular:

Organise a car boot sale, a beloved PTA event, where sellers set up tables alongside their cars. Charge a pitch fee and offer additional stalls for donated goods, plants, food, and refreshments to boost fundraising.

Bag Pack Blitz:

Reach out to local supermarkets for a fundraising bag pack. Plan well in advance and secure a date for this high-demand event. Engage volunteers to pack bags for shoppers, providing a convenient way for the community to contribute.

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Sponsored Spectacles:

Consider various sponsored events like a silent day for specific school years or engaging competitions such as goals, headers, or keep-me-up challenges. You can even auction off unique experiences, like having a teacher for a day.

Corporate Allies:

Approach local businesses and companies with regular school contracts for potential financial support. Emphasize the community impact and positive exposure for their brand. Crafting a compelling letter can help open doors to corporate sponsorship.

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Cake Sale Extravaganza:

Unleash the baking talents within your school community by organising a bake-off. Charge an entry fee for participants and sell the delightful creations to students during break or lunchtime.

Non-Uniform or Mufti Day Magic:

Seek permission for a non-uniform day where students donate a small fee for the opportunity to wear their chosen attire. This simple yet effective fundraising method can quickly accumulate funds for the ski trip.

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Raffle Rally:

Organise raffles at school events or write to local businesses seeking their support. Explain the significance of the school trip and encourage donations by sharing the inspiring story behind this opportunity for students.

Tuck Shop Bonanza:

Set up a tuck shop stocked with delicious snacks. Enlist friends, family, or local bakeries to contribute, and start selling during school events or breaks.

With these updated fundraising ideas, your school community can rally together to make the 2024 trip a reality for your students. These engaging activities not only generate funds but also foster a sense of unity and excitement throughout the school.

Start planning, get creative, and watch as the collective efforts turn this dream trip into a memorable reality.


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