10 reasons to compete in our international arts festival

1. Make new friends

Make new friends

Make new friends

There are so many opportunities to meet really great people during Artsfest, Activ4’s international arts festival.

Our resorts are buzzing with activity during competition time so you’re bound to strike up a conversation with somebody who shares your interests. Something we can absolutely guarantee is that everyone involved in Artsfest will share one thing in common; a love for the arts. It’s for this reason that so many people make friends during the festival. So get yourself out here.

2. Learn a new language


Our international arts festival is held in both Spain and Italy and, just in-case you didn’t know, both of these countries have absolutely beautiful languages. The fantastic thing about competing internationally is that you could be up against local opposition. This gives you the chance to test out your Spanish or Italian by interacting with fellow competitors. It’s for this reason that so many school languages departments travel beyond the classroom and out to Artsfest with us.

3. Develop team work skills

stick together and work as a team

Stick together and work as a team

When taking part in a competition like Artsfest performers have no choice but to stick together and work as a team to make sure their act is the best it can be. That’s why it’s such a brilliant experience for schools and arts groups alike. The build up to the final showcase is an intense and exciting time during which people learn new skills and access talents they didn’t know they had. There’s no i in Artsfest.

4. Because the adrenaline kick is amazing

Enjoy the buzz of being part of the performance

Enjoy the buzz of being part of the performance

Seriously. After four jam packed days of exploring new places and new creative ideas the Artsfest showcase will blow your mind. No groups are given any information about their competitors’ performance pieces before the show itself so there will be a real buzz in the theatre as everybody finally shows what they’re made of.

The competition will be strong and the music will be loud but your biggest buzz will come from being part of a performance in somewhere completely new. We can’t explain how great that feels. You just need to experience it yourself.

5. For the memories

Go there, do it and buy the T Shirt

Go there, do it and buy the T Shirt

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, a parent or a staff member we just know that you will remember your time at Artsfest for many many years to come. Countless schools and arts groups have already created fantastic moments out in resort with us that they will never forget. Now it’s your turn.

Go there, do it and, yes, you will be able to buy the T Shirt.

6. Enjoy the warm weather

Watch out for melting ice creams!

Watch out for melting ice creams!

Bored of the glum British weather? We sure are.

Great news! Both of the countries in which Artsfest is held are significantly warmer than the island we call home.

The destinations we have chosen for the festival are known for their fantastic weather even through the cooler months. They’re also sunnier. Just saying…

7. Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself

It’s no secret that stepping out of your comfort zone is often a really positive thing to do.

If you’re looking for a challenge then we’ve got the answer with Artsfest. You’ll be in a new place with hundreds of other arts enthusiasts and under pressure to create the best piece of performance you can. It’s the best kind of challenge because you’ll be pushing yourself whilst having a lot of fun!

8. To meet our fantastic judges

We are proud to say that the performing arts professionals we work with really are the best of the best. There are three judges out at Artsfest who each specialise in either music, dance or acting and you will have the chance to work with them.

During the festival there will be various studio spaces available for you to use either for private rehearsals or to take part in professional workshops. However you choose to use your development time in resort you will be regularly visited by one of the judges who will coach you and make sure you bring your best at the showcase.

9. Because Artsfest is one of a kind

Artsfest is the only event of it’s kind run by a UK tour operator. We avoid putting up barriers for the artists that work with us or for the groups that travel with us which means that you won’t be restrained by harsh rules or categories in our competition. We want you to showcase the best your group can offer, whatever that may be. Go wild!

10. For the rewards

At the end of the Artsfest showcase our judges will decide on the overall winner of the international arts festival and present them with the activ4arts cup. It’s the moment everybody has been waiting for.

Could you be the group to win Artsfest 2018? Could you be the team to head home not only as international performers but as champions?



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