10 Reasons to Go on a Performing Arts Tour in 2017

1. It’s an exciting, eventful year


There really is SO much going on in 2017! You could escape to Venice in February and experience their most impressive carnival yet or to Barcelona for their extravagant Sonar Media and Music Festival in June . The possibilities are endless for activ4 arts groups in the coming year. Have you looked at the range of fabulous new musicals opening on Broadway?

There is no better time to travel and discover all that the world of performing arts has to offer.

2. Time to disconnect

Activ4 - time to disconnect

Log off and switch on

School trips for young performers offer an opportunity to log off and switch on in other ways. The jam packed itineraries we provide often leave no spare time for scrolling on Instagram or updating snapchat stories. There is an exciting world beyond smartphone screens and, when on an Activ4 Performing Arts Tour, young people are thrown right into it. We believe that the many faces of the Sagrada Familia definitely rival Facebook.

3. Why not tackle that bucket list?

Exciting new experiences and first time adventures

Exciting new experiences and first time adventures await

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? An important part of travelling is being able to say that you did something you hadn’t ever done before.

Our tours are built on exciting new experiences and first time adventures. Our co-ordinators are always busy putting together bespoke packages that will tick multiple bucket list boxes within the first 48 hours of your tour.

4. Because, with us, quality doesn’t mean pricey

Who said that schools can’t travel on a budget?

Who said that schools can’t travel on a budget?

You might not believe the fantastic value of our extra-curricular performing arts trips. The hotels and resorts we work with make our trips comfortable, safe and unforgettable.

Who ever told you that schools can’t travel on a budget in 2017? Tell them to call us!

5. Who wouldn’t want to swap their classroom … for the beach?

Swap the classroom… for the beach!

There are a hundred ways to inspire students in the classroom but, here at Activ4, we believe we’ve figured it out. Take them out of it. Take them to some of the most culturally exciting destinations in the world.

We encourage creativity and imagination by including workshops with our performing arts professionals. Swap the classroom … for the beach.

6. Because Milan.

Milan's beauty and elegance

Milan’s beauty and elegance

We’ve been running theatre trips for schools for over 10 years now and so many of our groups repeatedly ask to return to Milan’s Teatro Alla Scala.

The beauty and elegance of Italy’s art and design capital attracts performing arts groups from all over the world and it’s not hard to see why. Marvel at the towering Duomo di Milano, visit the original Prada, Versace or D+G stores and learn the backstage secrets of one of the world’s most celebrated opera houses. It’s the city to visit in 2017.

7. You can beat the post brexit prices

There is no time like the present

There is no time like the present

It goes without saying that the result of June’s EU referendum has affected the cost of travelling from the UK. The instability of the pound really does mean that there is no time like the present.

We’re currently speaking with many schools about exciting destinations that may be more difficult in a year’s time. Carpe diem.

8. Your tastebuds are begging you!

Follow your tastebuds

Your tastebuds are begging you!

One of the most exciting things about travelling into the unknown is discovering a wealth of new flavours. It has never been so easy to find new foods and local delicacies abroad.

Our resorts provide full board meal plans that are both exciting and enticing. We also talk to locals to recommend the best establishments in case you want to eat out and try something a little different.

9. A change in scenery is the best medicine

A change in scenery

A change in scenery is the best medicine

Feeling like something needs to change? Sometimes when you’re feeling a little bit lost the best antidote is to be even more so.

We believe that the best way to recover from 2016 is to get away this year. Open your eyes, widen your horizons and go somewhere you’ve never been. Whether you’re a student, a teacher or a parent, we have a few ideas that we know you’ll love.

10. The people!

meet new and interesting people

Meet new and interesting people

Want to meet new and interesting people? Travel.

We only make friends with the best of the best in the performing arts world and we want to introduce them to you.

Everyone who works with and for activ4 is friendly, welcoming and dedicated to ensuring you have an amazing time wherever you go. You’ll be developing lasting relationships with some really great people from day one!


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