With the world constantly changing, and encouraging us do more and more on our smart phones, sometimes it’s hard to decide on the best apps for teachers.

There are so many websites recommending best mobile apps for travelling. However, these focus on individual, business or family travel and school groups have different needs so we’d like to discuss which are the best apps for teachers.  In the Activ4 School Tours office we discussed what we think all party leaders should have on their phones.  We came up with 3 essential apps for teachers designed to help with the organising a successful school trip.  The great news is that they are all free!

apps for teachers trello


In January 2018 we at Activ4 School Tours decided to join the digital age. We now use Trello, a web based school trip management app to organise all of our trips. We have found this makes collaboration between us and our schools easier and more efficient.

After your initial deposit you will be handed over from the sales team to our operations team. Once you have been allocated your trip coordinator. They will set up your own Trello board and send you an invite to join. The board will help to navigate your tour administration from booking through to departure. It will have all of the necessary information, documentation, hints and tips, schedules and reminders.

By having the app on your phone or tablet while you are away you will have a copy of all of your documents should you require them.

An added benefit is we are helping to save the planet, by not having to print all of this information on paper!

Teachers using twitter


Twitter claims to have over 321 million monthly users.  Activ4 School Tours have noticed a rise in the amount of schools that are using Twitter as a way of communicating with parents. This is especially useful for quickly sharing information with parents when you are away on a school trip.

Twitter is easy to set up (if you don’t already an account), it can allow parents to see pictures and videos of their children. As well as being able to give live updates of timings of arrival in resort and return time to school or airport.

Don’t forget to tag @activ4 in all your tweets. We love to see what you are up to.

Weather app on phone

Weather app

Activ4 School Tours trips are often jam packed. Most days students will leave their rooms for breakfast and not return until after dinner. Over the 10 years we have been running school trips we have found this is the best way to run a trip. Keeping students busy all day often helps prevent students feeling home sick. We also found it helps with staying on time for all activities to make the most of them.

So at the beginning of the day, we need to ensure that students are ready for whatever is going to be thrown at them, including the weather. By knowing in advance what the weather is going to do you can help your students prepare for their day. Whether that’s an extra layer while skiing or remembering their sun hat and water bottle for their coaching sessions.

apps for teachers airline

Bonus App for Flight groups

If travelling by plane on your next school trip, you may want to download the app for the airline you are travelling with. This way you can get the flight details onto your phone through your booking reference number. You will also be able to see live updates on your flights boarding and departure times when you are in the airport.

If you would like to know more about booking a trip with Activ4 School Tours contact us today on 01743 467267. Or fill out of request a quote and one of our team will be in touch with a quote within 24 hours.


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