With less than 2 weeks until our first ski group departure for winter 2019/2020, we thought we’d share some ski exercises to get yourself fit and ready for your trip.

The best way to get prepared is to do your ski exercises gradually.  However, if you’re like most people you’ve suddenly thought,  “its two weeks until I ski and I haven’t done anything to prepare!” So here are 4 ski exercises to get you ready that you can do at home without any equipment.


If you’re not keen on squatting the best way to start is with a wall squat. The reason I like this one is that you can squat while doing other things like watching TV. You’ll get the best results from this one if you press your back flat to the wall, knees at a 90 degree angle and hold as long as possible.

For those giving themselves more time, once the wall squat is getting a little easier, you may want to move onto a body weight squat. This is a regular squat, with your feet hip width apart and feet slightly pointed out. Squat down to where your knees reach that same 90 degree angle. Remembering to push your weight through your heels as you push back up. If you find this to easy you can always add some weights to push yourself further.


Lunges are going to help you in two ways. Firstly they will help to strengthen your quads (the muscles at the front of the thigh) ready for that leaning forward ski position and secondly the work on strengthening your balance.  Starting with your feet together, take one step forward and lower your body towards the floor until your forward leg is in that 90 degree angle again.

If you’re in a rush with this one you can make it a walking lunge. This way you’re still moving in the direction you need to go but getting those exercises in to help prepare for skiing. Consider adding weights to the lunge. You can even add a twist of the torso to strengthen your core at the same time.


Doing the plank is going to help your whole body, strengthening your core, legs and arms. When you ski you may not realise but your core is what makes you turn. Lying flat on your tummy, rest your elbows on the floor. Push up your hips and rest on your elbows and toes. Try to hold this position for 1 minute however if you’re new to this you might want to start with less and progress to this.

If you’re finding the 1 minute plank easy you can start to progress by lifting one limb at a time. Make sure you do the same amount of time on each one to ensure an even workout. Other alterations include adding a twist of your hips to encourage those core muscles more.

Calf raises

When you’re skiing if you are in the correct position you will have bent knees with your hips under you and your back straight. To help you stay in this position you need to strengthen those calves. The best way to do this is with one of the easiest exercises in the form of calf raises. If you’re not an expert in walking in high heels this is where to start. Standing up straight and pushing on the balls of your feet. You will start by raising your heels so that you are standing on your toes and lower back down again.

Do remember to takes things slow especially if you haven’t done them before. And keep in mind that even if you do just a little in the two weeks before your trip it will still help you on the slopes. There are loads of videos out there if you are unsure of the position you should be in. Here is just one on how to do the plank correctly.

For those that haven’t booked your school ski trip for the following winter contact us today to find out more about what we can offer for Winter 2020/2021.



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