Looking for a truly spectacular destination for school’s next sports tour?

Somewhere exotic and interesting where you can discover ancient cultures whilst accepting new sporting challenges…

If you haven’t thought about Sri Lanka then we’ve got 5 good reasons why you really should.

1. If it is about the sport…

  • A renowned cricketers paradise Sri Lanka played host to the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015. Latterly a main destination for spin bowling and the perfect place for dedicated camps and workshops with a whole host of big names.
  • Netball; Sri Lanka’s colonial roots mean that school netball tours can find a full range of competitive fixtures…
  • Hockey; There are rich depths of quality and numerous hockey leagues, just tell us what you are after.
  • Football; Great facilities and huge interest in football particularly in Colombo.
  • Rugby; believe it or not rugby has been played in Sri Lanka since 1879! You’ll love it.

To name but a few but the overriding impression should be that Sri Lanka is a school sports tours paradise, you name it and they play it and talking of paradise…

2. Looking for school sports tour with a WOW factor? The Elephant Orphanage

Sri Lanka school sports tours

From the beaches to the mountains, Colombo to Ceylon, Sri Lanka is simply breath taking. Even taking a bath takes on  new meaning when you visit the elephant orphanage …

3. Beautiful Beaches…


There are enchanting beaches in both the north and south of the country, great places to relax or enjoy some time enjoying the ocean activities.

4. Ceylon and Tea Plantations…


In many ways the Ceylon region of Sri Lanka is a showcase for its diversity. Harking back to the country’s first tea plantation in 1867 the rolling hills of Ceylon cast a mystical shadow across the region.  Explore the tea trails of the region and become a connoisseur of the nations national cuppa.

5. The Rock Fortress.


Sigiriya is an ancient Rock Fortress and one of the most dramatic sights in the country. A world heritage site the legend has it, fearing retribution, King Kashyapa built this impregnable fortress and sought salvation from his brother’s vengeance. Those were the days!

So there you have it… a complete and wonderfully spectacular destination for school sports tours.


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