If you would like to organise a school ski trip but are worried that you may not have enough support to actually get it off the ground, then here are 5 ideas that can help you get the project up and running.

1. Do it Early!

If you think that the cost of a school ski trip is going to be one of the barriers to the students then you may be able to overcome this be giving families a longer period to pay it off. It is not unusual for groups to book between eighteen months and two years in advance of the date that they intend to travel. This means that once it is booked payment can be made in bite sized chunks which make the whole prospect of giving the student this wonderful opportunity that much more attainable. Plus once it’s booked you’ve got that much longer to get excited about it.

2. Know Your Group

Taking into account the economic status of the catchment area of your school and any previous skiing experience that your students may have, will help you to make a decision as to the resort you should book. If say you choose to go to a more expensive resort with a group that would be made up of novice skiers travelling to the mountains for the first time, you may curtail the number of students that are able to go. The same applies however for groups in areas where lots of the students would already have experienced skiing with their families, if the resort you choose does not appeal to more experienced skiers it may not be appealing.

3. Choose the Resort for your School Ski Trip

Once you know what will appeal to your group then get some idea of the type of resort that will be suitable. Ask your operator for advice on what different resorts have to offer. If budget is the main consideration then what can they offer, if the type of skiing available is important then ask questions about the number and variation of runs on offer. The type of resort you require can also change with the time of year that you intend to travel. If you are going early or late in the season then ask about the height of the resort because you need to know it has a good snow record at that time of year.

4. Confirm the Price

Once you know what your budget will be and you have received your quotation, you need to ensure that you understand what that price actually includes and what are the terms and conditions are upon which it is based. Ideally if you feel that you may only have a small number you may wish to work on the basis that you get a guaranteed price based on your smallest number. This is a particular benefit for smaller schools who find it difficult to fill a coach.

5. Get It Out There

To maximise support, you need to let as many people know that your school ski trip is on offer. Advertise that it is happening in assemblies, ask form tutors to talk about it during form periods, put some posters up and a lot of schools run a parents evening that your operator will help organise so that you can promote the possibility directly to parents.


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