Some important features to consider on your School Water sports Trip

The essence of a successful school water sports trips is to provide a safe venue which allows your students the opportunity to challenge themselves on the water with minimal risk and maximum fun. So, as a school specialist tour operator here are five important features that form the platform for our provision of your water sports trip on Sant Pol Beach on Spain’s Costa Brava.

The Physical Geography of the Location

It may sound a given that the location has got to provide the right environment to host water sports activities but there are more external factors to be considered than just,’ is it a beach and is there water?’ Sant Pol for instance, is in a natural cove which offers shelter and where the prevailing wind and currents shepherd the group back to the shore rather than going out to sea. The cove’s shelter also reduces the possibility of lost days when the wind is too strong to allow the activities to run as planned.

Blue Flag Beach

It is a definite plus to be based on a Blue Flag Beach “For the coastal environment, water quality, safety and access for all: the Blue Flag represents a serious and profound commitment to both people and the environment.” ( The central educational theme for the global principal of blue flag beaches is to connect people with their surroundings and to encourage them to learn more about their environment. As holders of Learning Outside the Classroom accreditation such environmental activities which are offered and promoted by blue flag holders support the educational pretext which many educational establishments require when proposing to run a school water sports trip.

Expert Instruction

One of the most important features of any activity is the quality of the instruction. In Sant Pol we work with the esteemed Escola de Vela & Kayak because we want highly qualified professional instructors. It’s a false economy to rely on less qualified instructors who aren’t from the local area and don’t know the waters and weather patterns.

Suitable Equipment

The safety and enjoyment of the students is going to be the major influence on the success of your trip. It is vital therefore that they have the correct equipment and furthermore enough of the correct equipment. Equipment should be well maintained and fit for purpose and it is a good idea to check exactly how the provision of equipment is managed on the beach.

Safety Management

The leading body in terms of safety provision is the School Travel Forum. STF membership is the benchmark for good school tour providers; consequently it is an Awarding Body for the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge

The Outdoor Education Advisors Panel (OEAP) endorses the Quality Badge and requests Local Authorities to recommend the use of Badged Providers and require the minimum of additional paperwork where Quality Badge accreditation is in place.

This means that you can book your school water sports trip with confidence, meet your due diligence and reduce the amount of External Provider paperwork necessary.




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