When you are prepared to invest time and energy into your career wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a little sun on your back at the same time… So which school sports tour destinations are the most popular and why?

Take a look at these school sports tours destinations that our school teachers have enjoyed the most in the last year:

Spain School Sport Tours, Spain School Rugby Tours


Spain has long been the number one destination for British holidaymakers but Catalonia has been overlooked by tourists even though it combines magnificent empty beaches, fabulous cosmopolitan cities and wonderful rolling countryside. As you would expect from this sporting Mecca, Barcelona is a big influence on the culture and school sports tours can expect a rapturous welcome as they come in search of new challenges.

Garda Lake Garda


The beautiful setting of the Italian Lakes continues to be one of the most a popular of our sports tours destinations. Its dramatic mountains and serene lakeside towns are a magnificent backdrop and the proximity of Milan, Verona and Venice add another cultural dimension. The Italians approach sport with the same passion and style that they approach life sophisticated and elegant their tactics reflect a desire for perfection that is contagious. Young sportsmen and women can’t help but be influenced by an experience as rich and powerful as a tour in this part of the world.

Greece school sports trips


Despite its recent economic turbulence, Greece remains an eternal favourite. Whitewashed villas set against the deep blue ocean, friendly beach tavernas and beautiful weather are simple yet irresistible draws. But don’t let the laid back atmosphere overshadow the proud Greek sporting heritage which will never see the flames of its Olympic vision die. To compete in such an environment is an honour which connects generations of competitors and truly is where it all began, so it is really difficult to argue the point that this is the most relevant setting for a school sports tour.

France school sports tours


Anglo-French relations and political division seem to be put aside by the guilty pleasure of enjoying the sophistication and culinary prowess of French culture. Perhaps this is part of the unique flavour of competition between Le Ros Beef and Les Bleus which continues to spark rivalry and camaraderie in equal measure. The sheer diversity of its terrain mean that France is able to offer magnificent beaches on its southern and western shores, spectacular Alpine peaks to the East and the historic spender of its capital. No wonder we keep hopping over the water…

portugal school sports tours


Who can resist the lure of golden beaches and the endless sunny days which have consistently charmed UK holiday makers. The friendly atmosphere is generated by warm and vibrant people who enjoy sharing their traditions, history and wine. the capital, Lisbon, is a wonderful place to explore even when you set aside its brooding sports undercurrent echoed by it iconic football clubs.

So don’t let all this pass you by! School sports tours are a proud melting pot of memories and experiences that shape destinies.


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