Choosing the right school ski trip company to organise your trip can be difficult, especially because there are so many companies to choose between.

Often party leaders stick with what they know and who they’ve used before. However if you are thinking of changing your school ski trip company or you haven’t booked a trip before then here are some key things to consider.

The right choice for you

Making the right choice of school trip company can make or break your school ski trip. We understand how much time goes into organising a school ski trip by a party leader. Almost everyone at Activ4 has worked in education in some way or another. This helps us to understand the expectations our party leaders have when organising their tours. All our staff are highly knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic about our products which only fills our clients with confidence.

 At Activ4 School Tours we think there are 5 key questions to ask when choosing a school ski trip company:

  1. Will the company take the time to understand the trip requirements for our school and students?
  2. Can the company assist us, in promoting the benefits of school trips to students and parents ?
  3. Does the company provide support to the party leaders organising the trips?
  4. Can the company work with us to find a trip that works with the budget we have available?
  5. Does the company understand the school trip market?

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Let’s look at each of these questions in turn

1.Your Ski Trip Requirements

At Activ4 School Tours we have many years experience, organising great school ski trips.  We know that, investing more time early on finding out what your school and students requirements are will ensure a successful trip for the students, teachers and parents.  All of our sales team will discuss what you need in terms of ski area, ski lessons, accommodation, evening entertainment, travel options and budget, before recommending options from our range of resorts available.

2. Promoting your School Trip to Students and Parents

Getting students and parents on board for your school trip is essential for the trip to run. We at Activ4 School Tours want to help promote your trips in all the right ways. One way we do this is by sending you posters to put around the school. We can also send you the information to be able to send letters home to parents. In addition our sales team are more than happy to come to the school and help run a parents evening, bringing a presentation with them to promote the trip.

Our latest promotional success comes from using social media. We can send you copy or videos to post onto your schools Twitter or Facebook. Showing off the great trip that you have organised with us!

3. Support to Party Leaders from Activ4 School Tours 

We know that organising a trip, takes a lot of time and dedication from the teachers and  we cannot thank these teacher enough for taking the time in their, busy schedule to take this on too.

To assist you our operations team, set up all your trips on our specialist tool called Trello.  Teachers have a secure login and can see all the details, including ferry times etc at any time.

4. Budget

We know that schools and parents have budget that they have to work within.  A ski trip, is one of the more expensive options for a school trip.  However, at Activ4 School Tours, we will discuss how the choice of options and size of the school trip can influence the costs.   We also offer staged payments to assist parents in budgeting for this holiday.

5. Experience in the School Trip Market

Activ4 School Tours have over 10 years experience in the school trip market and have run hundreds of successful ski trips in those years.

In addition to the usual financial protection you would expect from a travel company such as being members of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), as well as an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (ATOL).   We are also members of the School Travel Forum (STF). As a member of the STF, we follow the STFs Code of Practice and Safety Management Standards. We are also audited each year by the leading UK, specialist travel consultancy, Argent Health & Safety to ensure these standards are met.

Also as part of the STF the organisation should hold the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) quality badge. The Department for Education advises that all schools should travel with companies that hold the badge. By having this badge these organisations are recognised to provide the learning and safety required for a school trip.

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What makes Activ4 School Tours different?

As a school trips organiser we are customer focused and place our clients at the heart of the company. We also embrace a culture of honesty and integrity so that you know you are in safe hands. Furthermore we provide the best value, tailor-made and inspirational educational experiences with passion and integrity.

If you would like more information on any of our school ski trips get in touch today on 01743 467267.


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