Making the most of your opportunities is a simple way to enhance your teaching career.

Raising your profile is vital if you want to set the promotion agenda and here are 5 important steps to consider when you are looking to make an impact.

career enhancing school trips


There is no better way to raise your profile within the school setting than to be providing a fabulous opportunity for the students. A school trip is exciting and it raises the profile of the whole school within the parent community.

Schools are like any other organisation they need to be relevant to their target market and to be seen to be providing a wide ranging educational experience. If you are the person who provides an attractive reason for students to be selecting your school then you are starting to make yourself indispensable.

Student Support

There is no truer saying than you only get out what you put in… and this particularly applies to the school setting. Once you are seen to be providing a privileged opportunity and adding extra value to the learning experience then students recognise that and want to be a part of it.
Organising a school trip such as school ski trips work wonders for classroom management strategies too. When you are providing such an opportunity, it gives you an extra bit of leverage when dealing with day to day issues that need resolving. In short you are creating a bond.

career enhancing school trips

Setting the Agenda

It’s not often that teachers get to set their own agenda within the school setting but if you are providing this extra-curricular opportunity then you have the ability to design it to your own specification.
You get to highlight and develop areas that you think are important… things that are fun and exciting… inspirational. You get to leave your own mark on the student’s education in a way that they will remember for the rest of their lives

career enhancing school trips


Yes that’s right… running a school trip such as school sports tours shows how responsible you are. Careers are built on increasing responsibility and this is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate that you can take on additional and worthwhile roles in different settings.
Don’t underestimate the impact of being a leader in any setting. It gives a context to your ability and let’s people see that you capable and organised.


Let’s face it if you don’t do it someone else will… and then they get all of the above and you don’t.


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