The cold, winter weather will soon be upon us and what better way to fight off the winter blahs than with a winter holiday ski trip?

Skiing is possibly one of winter’s most popular activities and it seems that more and more people are hitting the slopes every year. Whether you are an avid skier, or just beginning, planning a class ski trip can be exciting and can help students bond and become more of a team both in and out of the classroom.

A word of advice though, book your group ski outing early and you can save a lot of time and money and make the trip an overwhelming success.

Why Should You Book Your Ski Trip Early?

There are several reasons to book early when it comes to your group’s winter holiday ski trip. Besides the confidence in knowing that your holiday is planned, booked and just waiting for you, is enough to make anyone want to book early. But many families choose to book early for other reasons including:

  • Early Bird Prices-booking early enables you to take advantage of early bird prices that can save you hundreds on your ski trip leaving more room in your budget for new gear or resort upgrades.
  • Secure Your Chosen Resort-by booking early, you can guarantee a spot at your favourite ski resort making your trip even more memorable and more fun!
  • More Time to Save and Pay for the Trip-book early and have more time to save for your ski trip. You will know how much your trip will cost and you can begin saving right away.
  • Help Achieve the Number of Students Quote-most ski holiday packages require a certain number of students to achieve the quoted price. By booking early, you can have the extra time you need to recruit enough students for the trip.

Another good reason to book your group ski outing early is that with the Easter holiday being scheduled so late in 2019, many groups will be booking their February ski trips earlier than usual meaning that much of the resort availability will already be taken.

Are you looking to book a group ski trip this winter or for the winter of 2019?

Contact Activ4, the UK leader in class school tours and choose a bespoke, best value school ski trips to a destination worldwide.



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