successful school ski trips

Don’t let the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful week in the snow pass you by…

Gathering feedback from teachers when they return to school after their ski trip is the best way to get up to date information about what actually matters.

We asked teachers who have just returned from their school ski trip what were the essential ingredients for successful school ski trips.

We thought that if you wanted to know where to start, this advice was as good as any.

1. Good Quality of Service

The life of a teacher is hectic so the quality of support given by the tour operator is key to making things manageable. Teachers told us that right from the outset they needed to be confident that they would receiving expert advice on all aspects of the trip. Professional support from a dedicated co-ordinator ensures that the organisation which surrounds the trip is completed with the minimum of fuss with the maximum effectiveness.

2. Choice of Ski Resort

Another key ingredient was the choice of ski resort, ensuring that the ski resort reflects the needs of your group. For example is it suitable for them to make the most out of their time there? Remember that it is what happens in resort that will dictate whether the trip is successful or not so what does that entail and who will be there to ensure that things run smoothly? Do resort staff end up as a token gesture… travelling out with you and knowing possibly less than you do about the place or are they able to enhance the experience for you? Can they deal with local issues; can they speak the language? If not, well, what’s the point?

Does the resort offer a range of evening activities? Are they flexible enough to consider the groups who want less structure and more relaxation and those who like to be kept busy?

3. The Quality of Ski Instruction

Teachers returning from their school ski trips this year felt that it was a huge bonus to have good ski instructors. There is a vast difference between leading a group around the mountain and actually teaching and improving young skiers. Don’t forget, learning to ski or improving technique is the reason why groups are in resort so if that isn’t happening then quite frankly, what’s the point?

4. Hotel Accommodation

Again, a good ski hotel was seen as a crucial element in successful school ski trips. The accuracy of the advice and information on the destination hotel was vital. The hotel’s location in relation to the slopes and lifts was also an important consideration… Does it provide enough space for the group to relax in, and what is the atmosphere like?

Budget will always play a part in this element but another consideration for some groups is whether or not they really require a single occupancy hotel.

5. Transportation

Teachers felt that transportation was a crucial area and needed to be accounted for. Groups travelling to resort by coach really felt that the quality of the coach was of particular importance. Having a comfortable, modern and safe coach is not an area in which corners can be cut and budgets trimmed. Remember, cheap and value for money aren’t necessarily the same thing.



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