Let’s see the world together

Sports tours give students the opportunity to explore a world of sports tours and discover new cultures and adventures. Activ4 wants to help educators create memorable sports tours that promote not just staying active and healthy, but encourages enthusiasm about the wonders of the world.


Sport itself is about companionship and competition, tolerance and achievement. There is no better way to embrace those ideals than engagement on specially designed school trips with bespoke itineraries that challenge perceptions and shows students that as different as we could be, we are all the same.

 Explore a Whole World of Sport

Sports tours are invaluable resources in sociology, art, history, cuisine and much, much more. While these tours highlight sports – even putting students in play with foreign teams – the positive effects are much more far reaching; new languages, immersion in an unknown world, visiting museums, attractions and other schools, discovering local festivals and markets, listening to different styles of music. These combined experiences cannot be replicated in even the most technologically advanced classroom.

 Explore a Whole World of Sport

For many students, this will be their first time stepping on foreign soil. It will be the first time they sit in an airplane cabin. The first time they are away from their families, interacting in environments they otherwise could only read about or visit on the Internet. Sports tours are an opportunity to explore a student’s self-reliance and self-confidence. It will likely be their first chance to see how they function with a peer group outside their comfort zones, as well as learning how to conduct themselves with individuals that may not speak their language or understand their customs. This will be the moment students consciously look at their ability to adapt to their surroundings quickly.

 Explore a Whole World of Sport

Activ4 is in the business of learning. Their team consists primarily of professionals with a connection to education and an understanding of how important it is for students to see the world. But they also know how stressful it can be to organize an undertaking like this. It’s why Activ4 was born. Collaborating with educators and parents, Activ4 organizes unforgettable adventures that promise to be informative and safe. They design itineraries that provide invaluable insight into world culture AND promote the importance of physical activity, sportsmanship and overcoming obstacles to achieve goals.


The benefits of sports tours cannot be measured. Educators and school team organizers could do no better than to contact Activ4 and see how students can discover the world. It is only a phone call away.


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