Flachau: home to some famous names…

Flachau Austria

Known for its perfectly groomed and diverse slopes, Flachau has seen an upsurge in popularity with school’s looking for great beginner and intermediate skiing for their group. The fact that Flachau is the home of the ski legend Hermann Maier (The Herminator) was an added bonus for us too…

Flachau Austria

The Snow

One of the key benefits in choosing to bring your group to Flachau Austrai is the state of the art snow making network which covers 100% of the piste. Not only does this increase the length of the season but it ensures that you don’t spend your time biting your nails as you read the snow reports two weeks before departure. This year for instance it has a projected close date of 21st April…

The Lifts

Matching the snow coverage in Flachau is the lift capacity! Without wishing to put our collective anoraks on and start throwing lots of statistics around, the lifts can carry 60,000 people per hour. That for us means quicker journeys and shorter queues… hooray!

Flachau Austria

Ski Amade

One of the other benefits to skiing in Flachau Austria is that it is part of the Ski Amade system, whose combined resorts offer a mind blowing 760kms of piste! Yes I know we have thrown in another stat there but honestly, 760kms!!! What more do we need to say about that, if you can’t find something to enjoy there then perhaps it is time to put the skis on Ebay.

If you are a boarder then there is no need to feel left out! Some of the latest stars of the snowboard world cup circuit, the Riegler sisters hail from Flachau and were brought up boarding in the resort. There is a specialist snowboard school, a fun park and a half pipe. The wide easy terrain is marvellous for carving and free riders may find some more radical terrain to suit them, especially when there is fresh snow.

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