Are you coming on one of our Activ4 Sportsfest Trips?

Would you like to know more about who may be coaching your football team to potential victory?

We thought so; here is the interview we had recently with our head football coach Callam Booth. Callam will be joining us again for one unforgettable week at Easter Sportsfest.

callam with 2 sportsfest teams

Callam with two Sportsfest teams

How did you get into football?

For me it was all purely down to family. My family all play it’s like a family trait passed down the generations from my granddad to my dad and onto me.

What age were you when you started playing football?

So I started at 5 at my local clubs minis group.

What qualification do you have for football coaching?

I have quite a few actually, I have my UK ones but I also have my American ones from working at Summer Camp over there. For the UK I have UEFA B, FA level 1 and 2. Then the American F and E license, and finally I have a National diploma in Sports coaching.

What position do you play in football?

I play centre midfield.

How did you become a head football coach for Activ4?

A former colleague, who I had previously worked with, contacted me about Activ4 to see if I was interested. I said yes and I’ve enjoyed it every time I’ve done it.

How long have you been coaching at Activ4 Sportsfest?

Must be two years now, doing two Sportsfests a year, two in Plajta d’Aro and two  in Lignano.

Who else do you coach for?

Just a local men’s team at the moment.

Who is your sports hero and why?

David Beckham –  for his pure professionalism on and off the pitch.

What are three reasons you like being part of a team sport?

  1. It’s more unpredictable due to the amount of different moving parts.
  2. The relationships you build along the way.
  3. The tactical aspect of a team sport.

What snack do you usually take to a coaching session?

 I like to keep it healthy with a bottle of water and a banana.

What are the most important items students take with them to coaching?

Appropriate footwear (depending on the surface astros or grass) and a bottle of water.

What should teachers bring (kit wise) to make sure the students get the most from their coaching sessions?

  • Bibs (enough for at least half the group)
  • Balls at least 1 per 2 students
  • Cones lots of them so we can do lots of drills

If they can get there early as well they can then discuss with the relevant coach what they think the team need to improve during their coaching sessions.

What do you think are key skills for a winning team?

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Variety of player types
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Hard work
  • Determination
  • Relentless mentality

If all this talk of Football has inspired you to come to an Activ4 Sportsfest, check out our two destinations. In Spain we are based in Platja d’Aro a beachside up market resort, which has east access to Barcelona for your excursion day. Likewise our Italian resort, Lignano, is also a beachside resort located just a short journey from Venice. When you could be meeting Callam in one of your coaching sessions.


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