Early Season Update: Take a peak at how it’s lookingItalian Ski Resorts Italian Ski Resorts: Sella Nevea

Last weekend I grabbed the opportunity to go out to Sella Nevea. We have quite a large number of groups staying in the village this season so it was time to do a personal double check of how the operation is working.

The first thing that hit me, literally, was the snow. Glenn has been banging on about the snow record here but it was only until I got there that I understood what he meant… The second thing that became apparent was the welcoming attitude of the local people. As is so often the case in Italian ski resorts, everyone was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble.

Italian Ski Resorts

Sella Nevea is a small and secure village at the top of a mountain road the hotels are all clustered around the central ski area and gondola. There is a large central car park and the ski hire shops are to the left under a small parade of shops under the Hotel Canin.

Italian Ski Resorts: Skiing

Italian Ski Resorts
Whilst I was there the weather really caught up with me. I have done some video footage so that you can see what I am talking about. It did mean that I couldn’t get around all of the areas that I wanted to but I tried my best to get a look. Right in front of the central car park are the initial beginner slopes which are services by a great travelator and a button lift. The runs are long enough to allow novice skiers the chance to feel that they are getting the rhythm but not too long that they are out of sight.

Italian Ski ResortsI could only get up as far as the middle station as the rest were snowed under. I took the reds down to the bottom and believe me they were testing on the legs because of the sheer amount of snow that was falling. I would like to be able to chat about the upper runs because it looked absolutely beautiful up there; but hey a good reason to go back.

Italian Ski Resorts: Hotel Sport Forte

Italian Ski Resorts
The Sporte Forte is less than a 5 minute walk from the beginner’s slopes and the ski rental locations. I have taken as many pictures of the inside as I can so that you can get a feel for the place. I really enjoyed my stay here; it is warm and comfortable with plenty of room to move around in. The bar is right by the door and as I walked in I was hit by the smell of fresh coffee and pastries…Italian Ski Resorts

The communal areas are good; there is a disco which the kids will love and a small swimming pool with a wellness area for adult guests. There is a large ski room with its own entrance so you don’t have to traipse through the hotel in all of your kit. The rooms are warm and can range from single to six beds (two baths). The corridors are long enough to accommodate most groups and there are two staircases.Italian Ski Resorts

I had a great few days and if you would like to chat about any aspects of Sella Nevea or any other Italian ski resorts, please feel free to give us a call or drop us a line. There are some more pictures posted on Facebook

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