Dawn Marshall explains what travelling to Italy and being part of SportsFest is like…

My first opportunity to work outside of our UK office came when I travelled as part of the team running the Italy SportsFest. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was soon in the thick of it as we prepared for all the groups to arrive.

Italy SportsFest: Coaching Sessions

Italy SportsFest 1As part of the Italy SportsFest package all the sports teams get professional coaching sessions. We have a group of experienced sports coaches who are regularly part of our resort team. Most had already worked in the Spanish SportsFest and flew over to Italy to take up where they left off (tough life…). Before teams leave the UK we try and get as much information as possible so that we can make sure sessions are pitched at the right level. So I was interested to get across and see how things were running and it was great to see everyone having so much fun.

Italy SportsFest: Matches

The idea behind SportsFest is to provide a sports tournament which is great value for money and the number of matches that teams play certainly lives up to that promise. The friendly rivalry of the competition seems to appeal to the staff and the players and there were some great netball and football games.

Italy SportsFest : Itinerary

Italy SportsFest2The most noticeable thing for me was the non-stop nature of the Italy Sportsfest itinerary. There was always something to do. If groups weren’t playing or training then they were out in Milan, at the San Siro, or in Verona for the afternoon.  Nobody is looking round for things to do in fact the biggest problem is staying on schedule. I really enjoyed being part of the whole thing and with Italy SportsFest numbers growing each year I will look forward to the next one.”

Dawn Marshall
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