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Give that gifted player the trip of a lifetime…Check out our list of fundraising ideas…

‘Your School’s Got Talent’ 

Talent shows give teens a chance to show off their skills and interests in front of their peers. Whether teens choose a nontraditional talent or a classic favorite with a twist, teens can use their energy and skill set to impress their peers, teachers, parents and community.

Car Wash

A guaranteed quick money maker you could charge up to £5 and have a team on each car. You could even take this further afield away from the school car park and ask a local pub or venue with lots of passing trade if you could set up for the morning.

Car Boot Sale

Running a car boot sale is a popular PTA event and a great fundraising activity, sellers set up a table alongside their car. A fee of £5-£10 is charged per pitch.  To raise extra funds you can have stalls of its own selling donated goods, plants, food and refreshments.

Bag Pack

Phone or visit your local supermarkets and ask for the contact details of the Charity Representative. Write to that person requesting a date for a bag pack, demand is usually quite high so call well in advance.

Sponsored event

A sponsored silence is especially well suited to a school situation, perhaps for years 7, 8 or 9 – for example, you could have silent lunch hour or, much the same as normal, a silent Physics lesson etc…Walk, Swim, Bike Ride.

“Run a Goals, Header, Keep me up Competition, Hold a fun day or It’s a knockout, Auction off a teacher for the day”

Corporate Sponsorship

Local companies and companies that have lucrative contracts to regularly supply the school will very often look favourably on offering certain projects some financial support. It also raises their profile in the community and gives them the opportunity to get their names in the paper for some good work. Why not put together a letter and see what response you get…

Cake Sale

Find out who can make the fairest cakes of them all by organising a bake off and charging an entry fee. You could also ask competitors for donations. Then raise more money by selling off the cakes to the students at break or lunch time.

Non Uniform or Mufti day

Ask the headteacher to allow a fundraiser whereby for a donation (£1-£2) all the students have the opportunity to wear their own clothes to school for a day.

School Disco

Give your disco a theme to link in with seasonal events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, end of term and so on. At other times of the year, you could run it with a ‘crazy hair’ or ‘dress to impress’ theme or make it a masked ball.

Tuck Shop

Setting up a tuck shop is quick and easy. Ask some of your friends or family to make some delicious snacks, buy some in bulk at your local cash-and-carry or ask for baked good donations from colleagues (or even your local bakery) and start selling.


The simplest place to organise a raffle is at events you’re staging to raise money (for example a party or quiz).  You could also write to local businesses and ask for their support explaining about the trip and why it is such a great opportunity for the students. This will encourage individuals and companies to donate prizes, so remember to tell your story.

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