Have you heard that we have a new destination in France for ski trips?

La Plagne is an excellent resort and we thought the best way to tell you about it, is with a catch up with Dom (our Product Delivery Lead). Who has just come back from La Plagne with one of our groups.

Where did you stay in La Plagne?

We stayed in the small village of Montalbert one of the La Plagne villages.

When did you go?

We were there for 6 nights from 4th-10th January 2020.

How was the hotel?

The hotel is in a picturesque and convenient location. The rooms were cosy many with superb views from the window or balcony of the stunning mountains. The hotel also has a pool which was great for the end of the day especially when I had a few aches and pains from the week.

What was the food like?

All meals are served in a buffet style, meaning there was something for everyone. Because of this even the fussiest eaters found food to suit them. The group I was with, had a few dietary requirements and the hotel catered for these with ease.  As a big fan of cheese, I was very pleased the teachers and I chose to have fondue for dinner on one night (this is an extra charge though). I honestly don’t think I could have fitted any more cheese in, the amount I ate!

dom la plagne

How was the skiing?

The ski instructors met us outside the hotel each morning and afternoon. This is probably some of the best service I have experienced. The ski instructors were great with the groups, they spoke excellent English and the improvement the groups made throughout the week was amazing.

We had access to the full 225 kilometres in the La Plagne area. This was excellent for me and the teachers as we were all keen skiers. The ski area is perfect for all abilities.  There are 134 slopes ranging across all types of terrain, so there is something to suit everybody.

Did you use the hire equipment?

Yes, the equipment was in excellent condition. What made it even better was that the equipment was hired out from the hotel. This meant that when one of the students needed to change their boots it was a lot easier than having to go back to the shop.

What did you do in the evenings?

The group were often tired after the full day of skiing and so we mainly had chilled evenings. We did however have a quiz night, a talent show evening and as I mentioned before we went to the swimming pool. We used the in-house stage for both the quiz night and talent show. There is also entertainment put on by the hotel every evening and had I understood French better I might have gone to see the show.

What do you think the benefits for students are on a ski trip?

I think overall the benefits to the students are that they get to try something new. Over two thirds of the group were beginners and had the school not run a trip many of these students would never have experienced a skiing holiday.

Would you recommend this resort to other schools?

Yes unquestionably 100%. This resort really is the whole package, from the ski school, to the location of the hotel we couldn’t have found better.

If hearing how great this trip went has got you excited about your next trip, or you would like to know more about this resort or any of our other resorts to get your next trip booked please contact us straightaway on 01743 467267.



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