Stop dreaming about improving your prospects and make it happen…

NY1I am writing this as I fly back to London from New York. It’s been a hectic week, I’m tired and I have a meeting straight off the flight in the morning. But I can’t sleep because I’m smiling… during this last week I have seen a show in New York, spent a day with the Amish in Pennsylvania and taken in the spectacular sights of Washington DC; all with 147 students. This is what we sell… in fact we sell a whole host of fabulous experiences for school kids to enjoy.


So if you are ready to expand your own horizons and know that you’ve got the ‘X’ Factor when it comes making sales then this is the only move to make…


Web Ad 3Here’s the starting point; drop me an email and tell me why you are a perfect fit for us. This is your chance to sell the one thing you know most about… you. This could be the most profitable email you have ever sent so make it good!

Steve Scott




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