Rugby world cup ahead of the quarter finals and why students should play rugby

In the run up to the quarter finals of the rugby world cup, the 4 games that take place this weekend could be ones to remember in history. With all games including crowd favourites it could be an intense weekend.

rugby scrum

Rugby scrum

England Vs Australia

This history between England and Australia is probably one of the most interesting. They have played each other 50 times: Australia winning 25 of those games, England winning 24 and having drawn once. Will England be able to right the wrongs of the last world cup game against Australia when they lost 33-13?

New Zealand Vs Ireland

New Zealand and Ireland are both big names in the rugby world, with New Zealand being ranked number 1 and Ireland 4th. The All Blacks have played 31 games against Ireland and have won 28 of those games and one draw meaning Ireland have only won twice. Will New Zealand be able to make it a hat trick having won the last two world cups?

Wales Vs France

With two European heavyweight teams, Wales and France take each other on this weekend. Having first played each other in 1908 and since then played 97 games against each other, Wales have won 7 of their last 8 meetings, and overall winning 50 of the total games. Will France be able to conquer this time?

Japan Vs South Africa

Japan topped pool A in a surprise win against Scotland, having never made it further than the pool stages before. South Africa is second favourites to win the entire competition. These two sides have only played twice before, having both won one each. Could this be Japan’s chance to step up in world rankings and go all the way to the final on home soil?

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Women’s Rugby

5 Reasons we think Rugby is one of the best sports for students to play

1. The Rugby Ethos

Rugby is a game of respect, discipline and sportsmanship. Rugby players are taught to be unselfish, and a team player. They also need to have self control, whatever the situation is, throughout the game. Skills like these can help students to develop and be able to deal with lots of different situations in a mature and calm manner. For example, in rugby, the referee is always right, so even if you don’t agree with their decision they are never wrong. Yelling at refs is not allowed, and is cause for an immediate penalty.

2. All Shapes and Sizes Welcome

If you watch any of the games that are coming up this weekend, you will see that players come in all shapes and sizes. This helps to encourage students to play more sport as there is a rugby position for players of all sizes, shapes and speed. A rugby team need a mixture of strength, agility, endurance and toughness to be a winning team.

3. Equal Opportunity for Men and Women

Rugby games are played exactly the same for women’s rugby as men’s rugby, the rules, the pitch and even the ball size. Unlike other sports such as swimming and golf, where either or both the set up and the specifics will vary depending on your gender. Students learn through this that men and women are equally capable of the same things.

4. Suitable for all Ages

Rugby can be played by all ages, so a lot of school and clubs start from an Under 7s team. Both the U7s and U8s are tag and then it is decided by age group what play is allowed. Students playing from a young age are given more opportunities and learn the ethos at an earlier age.

5. International Sport

Even though Rugby was invented in England, it is one of the most popular sports in other areas of the world. If we look at the countries who played in the rugby world cup, from France and Italy all the way to Australia and South Africa, it is clear that the game has taken over the world. Students can go on trips to lots of different destinations to learn more about the rugby and the culture in these countries.

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