WOW Factor Skiing with a Smile Factor Price

Find out what happens on an Activ4 ski trip…

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about a ski trip with a great big WOW factor? Canada… Somewhere different; somewhere that really gets people buzzing… but then having to reel in your thoughts because the cost would kill the School Ski Trip Canada dream £££

What if we had a resort that could give you the WOW factor and still remained within the budget of a similar trip to Europe. Would you be interested?

school ski trip CanadaLet’s Talk about the WOW Factor then…

First off , Monte Sainte Anne and its sister resort Stoneham are both renowned for their snow quality and incredible ski conditions. Both of these Eastern Canadian Resorts are just a stone’s throw away from Quebec City, and both offer great slope side accommodation with traditional Canadian hospitality. Not only is the skiing brilliant but there is so much to do, tubing, skating, shopping in Quebec, there is an IMAX even Ice Karting. But perhaps predictably, the first thing groups talk about when they return is the magnificent scenery

What’s the difference between Mont Sainte Anne and Stoneham…

school ski trip canadaThe difference is basically about your choice of accommodation although. In Mont Sainte Anne your group would stay at the 4* Chateau Mont Sainte Anne whilst in Stoneham your group would stay at the Stoneham Hotel…

Take a look for yourself

Chateau Mont Sainte Anne

Stoneham Hotel & Condo’s

Still Interested?

school ski trip canadaWell if you are still interested in the school ski trip Canada dream, then why not get down to the Nitty Gritty? For most of us price is always a factor so don’t stand on ceremony because places are limited. Click on the button below and give us some brief details and we will send you the full break down of the resort, the hotels… in fact all the information that you will need to understand just how this opportunity can work for your group. Oh and ask us about the Snow Festival

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