What its like to be a Sugarloafer and why we want to go back…

It was a couple of years ago that I was first invited up to Sugarloaf to accompany a school ski trip, so I took a look for myself what all the fuss was about. As I particularly wanted to see how it worked for children I took my family along and we had an absolutely fantastic time.

It started with the scenery on the way up from Boston; I hadn’t travelled in Maine before and was struck by its sheer beauty, then as we got nearer to Sugarloaf we could see the imposing shape of the mountain growing before us. But it wasn’t until we arrived and stood in its shadow and looked up at all the trails that we began to understand why this ski resort has such a following in the US. A definite must for school ski trips…

School ski trip


We stayed in a really cosy condo which was even complete with Christmas tree…

The condo set up in Sugarloaf is perfect for school groups because they are arranged in rows and on two levels so if you are leading a group everyone is close at hand. Opposite us was the swimming pool and most evenings the girls dragged us over for a bit of a splash, which in reality was a great way to work out the aches and pains of a full day’s exercise.

The skiing…
school ski trips

Sugarloaf Skiing

Well I can tell you that Sugarloaf  really lives up to its reputation for school ski trips. We were all at different levels but had no difficulty in finding plenty of thrills. Our youngest daughter was just starting out and we let her join in a lesson which gave her great confidence, so much so we struggled to get her off the hill. Our intermediate went looking for some of the great rollers which make you feel like you are really starting to get it. And me… well I went looking for White Nitro and it was a fair tussle!

The other bits…

The food in Sugarloaf was typical of US ski resorts and was plentiful and well priced; I really enjoyed the clam chowder in a bread bowl at lunch time. In the evenings, for school ski trips, there was a lot to do if you weren’t content with a swim and a meal. The Anti-Gravity Center was a blast and for school group the option to take it over and spend a night using the courts or the trampolines is a blast. The snowshoeing was fun although we didn’t try the cross country skiing which also looked good and there was even an option to go back up the hill in a Snowcat but tubing held more sway that day.

 Would we go back?

You bet!

Steve Scott

PS. More video on Sugarloaf HERE

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