Looking for a long haul destination that blows the roof off? Well this will blow the windows and doors as well.

Our groups travelling to Malaysia and Singapore last summer had experiences that will definitely be some of the most significant and memorable moments in their lives. But you don’t have to take our word for it… this is what they had to say.

School Trips Malaysia

“The funny thing was that the kids all said that it ruined the rest of the summer holiday for them because they wanted to be back in Malaysia”
– Craig Wilkes, HRS

School Trips Malaysia: The Sport

Last summer groups went out on netball, hockey and rugby tours. The feedback was amazing:
School Trips Malaysia

“The fixtures were so well matched and our hosts were fantastic. We were met by drummers, the whole school came out to watch and cheer; the kids felt like celebrities”
– Craig Wilkes

Do you want to play hockey in a Commonwealth Games Stadium or be met by drums and play the Malaysian national champions?

School Trips MalaysiaSchool Trips Malaysia: Once in a Lifetime!

Yes, we know that it’s an overused phrase but take a look at these images and tell us that we are exaggerating…

“Definitely the best day was the elephant sanctuary… bathing a baby elephant, beat that!”
– Stephanie Cheney, JCC

We have literally spent years putting together a programme of this quality so when you book with Activ4 you have the security of a full support network around you at all times. There really is no substitute for experience…

“Our Rep, Robert was fantastic, he was always on hand and would even call ahead to the hotel to ensure everything was in hand for our arrival” – Steph Cheney

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