Sella Nevea and Tarvisio are two of the villages in the ‘3 Borders’ Ski Pass which covers Italy, Slovenia and Austria. Although the ski areas are separate the two villages have a close working relationship to ensure consistent standards and great value. And best of all, they love hosting school ski trips.

Sella nevea and Tarvisio


Sella Nevea and Tarvisio: My First Visit…

My first visit to both resorts was a couple of years ago following a call from one of the hoteliers in Sella Nevea.  I knew very little about either resort but as they were only a short distance from my base in Bad Kleinkirchheim, why not!  Just before February half term and there had been about 50cm of snow over two days, so everywhere was picture perfect.  I arrived in the dark and checked into the hotel in Tarvisio.  I love getting to places in the dark; the following morning is always a surprise and it certainly was a good one this time.  Tarvisio is a pretty little place with lots of shops and cafes and even a swimming pool and ice skating rink.  I met with hotelier Roberta and her husband Gabriel, for a tour around Sella Nevea and Tarvisio.

Skiing in Sella Nevea and Tarvisio

Not a huge amount but perfectly formed!

Sella Nevea and Tarvisio

The Skiing

Around about 30km in each resort with a good spread for all abilities.  As I continue to find, the beauty of using local ski instructors is they know every inch of the mountains and will keep the students, whatever their abilities, entertained for a week.  Honestly, how many of us have ever heard a student on a ski trip say “I’m bored”?

A couple of people have mentioned the lack of height as well.  All I can say is the snow record for Sella (which very roughly translates as Snow Valley) is stunning with the season lasting to at least the end of April each year.  Tarvisio also does very well with the season starting before Christmas and again running well into April.  Oh, and the fact that the FIS have a Training centre in Sella is a pretty good recommendation.  Did I mention the  4km Di Prampero run in Tarvisio that hosts the World Cup?

Where to Stay

Both Sella Nevea  and Tarvisio have hotels on the slopes, or at the very most a short walk.  Sella has a couple of larger hotels The Sport Hotel Forte and The Hotel Nevea, that provide a tremendous base for school groups.  50m to ski fit, 50m to ski school, 50m to the slopes, Happy Days!  Both are very modern inside and have everything a school group would require for a great stay.  Tarvisio has a larger selection of hotels, still slope side, some of which are sole occupancy for school groups.

Sella Nevea and Tarvisio: The Scenery…

Just Google Lussari and see what you think!  This is the tiny village at the top of the mountain above Tarvisio.  The students will be hopping off the nearby lift and skiing past it.  Teachers, on the other hand,  will be hopping of the lift nearby, stopping for Cioccolato Caldo at one of the restaurants and wondering if their pension will stretch to a small apartment in Tarvisio. Or maybe that was just me.

Glenn Martin

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