Take your class … beyond the classroom

It’s inevitable that, at the start of term, a teacher will find themselves in front of their class just waiting for a burst of enthusiasm that never arrives. Maybe there are one or two students who really are keen to learn but just need to know how to channel that passion. So what  can you do?

You could approach your lesson plans differently. You could use new teaching methods that you’ve browsed over the holidays. You could bribe them with chocolate. You could start wearing a different brightly coloured hat each day.

There are a hundred ways to inspire your students in the classroom but, here at Activ4, we believe we’ve figured it out. Take them out of it.

3 reasons school trips are so important

Contrary to popular belief, school trips do not have to eat into class time. They can add to it! Imagine how refreshing it would be to allow your students to see and experience exactly what you’re teaching them about.

As you know, teaching is far more exciting when your students feel truly connected to their subject. Give them the opportunity to find that connection with you, your lessons and with other students.

Experience is everything. In a world where young people are constantly surrounded by social media and immersed in online experiences, real ones become far more valuable. By travelling outside of school and even out of the country you can give them access to countless lessons and experiences at once.

Get the results all teachers crave

We actually discovered the importance of our school performing trips by mistake. Countless teachers would travel with us simply to give their students a fun break from everyday life at home. When we spoke with them to review their tour they often told us about the dramatic impact it had on the way students approached their work back in class.

You could read through Romeo and Juliet with your students or you could take them to Verona. You could show your class a recording of Knee High’s Hansel and Gretel or you could take them to Kassel,Germany where the story originates. Be the teacher to really widen horizons and take your lessons to the next level.

Results don’t just happen. We recognise how hard you work and want to help you give your students the learning experience they deserve. We keep up to date with the GCSE syllabus and design tours around it. So, in short, if you’re looking for something that really works, here’s the answer.

Here’s your answer …

We are very experienced in organising drama and dance trips for schools which means that you and your students can travel out of your comfort zone in comfort. So give us a call!

Whatever your approach, we can design and plan a trip around that. We are well known for bringing lessons to life by taking groups to the destinations that inspired their set texts/pieces and for offering professional drama workshops for schools to encourage creativity and imagination.

We’ve taken thousands of students and their teachers across the world for over 15 years. Let’s work together to create something really special.

Call us on 01743 469 747 to talk to one of our friendly advisors or get a quick quote here.


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