We’ll give you up to £250 towards your next family holiday…

Teacher Reward SchemeWe want to celebrate your achievements. You… our clients who put so much of yourselves into the organisation of school trips for students. We thought long and hard about how best to go about it and then it struck us! We want to set up a teacher reward scheme that will put a smile on your face and give you a nice warm feeling about Activ4… Literally, because we want to give you voucher’s to use against the cost of your own holiday! So as you are lying there in the sun, think of us.

Teacher Reward Scheme: Even more savings…

Teacher Reward SchemeWhen we thought about it we realised that we should remember that all the teachers travelling as members of a school party make a big contribution to its success. So we sharpened our pencil and made sure that we could open the scheme up so that it recognises your colleagues too!

Teacher Reward Scheme: Here’s how it works…

We’ve teamed up with Thomas Cook to bring you our own rewards programme which you can use when you and your colleagues book your next family holiday with them.

Teacher Reward SchemeVouchers are for:

  • £250 off next Villa holiday
  • £200 off next Long Haul holiday
  • £150 off next 14 Nights holiday
  • £100 off next 7 Nights holiday
  • £75 off next Weekend City Break holiday

Here’s how it’s structured…

  • 60+ paying passengers = Over £775 Discount (1 Voucher per *Free Staff Member)
  • 40+ Paying Passengers = £775 Discount (1 of each voucher)
  • 30+ Paying Passengers = £525 Discount( Long Haul, 14 Nts, 7 Nts & Weekend City Break)
  • 20+ Paying Passengers = £450 Discount (Long Haul, 14 Nights & 7 Nights )

*Staff members travelling as part of the free staff ratio as identified on your quotation


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