Teacher Zone: passport and visa information

Passport & Visa Information

As the Party Leader it is vital that you consider the implications of taking your group out of the UK and ensure that every member of your party has a valid passport. All the documentation for exit and entry into the UK has to be valid and accurate. This information is also required by us so that your intended travel documentation, such as flight tickets accurately accounts for the group and any misspelling or inaccurate information can detract from the smooth running of your trip.

Passports & Visas

Both UK and Non- UK passport holders require valid documents in order to travel. Some countries require UK and/or non-UK passport holders to have a valid visa/transit visa for the duration of their stay and it is absolutely essential that before you travel, appropriate members of your group that require a visa, have the correct documentation.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office – Know Before You Go
Advice on your tour destination – gives you information on each destination together with helpful hints and tips on keeping safe on tour – visit external site:

Travel Aware

HM Passport office

Collective Passports

You may wish to place all your group on one collective passport and a collective passport can be issued to approved groups of students, scouts, guides or other recognised youth organisations planning to travel together overseas. You cannot use it to travel within the UK.

There can be between five and fifty children and young people on a collective passport. For a larger group you should apply for two or more collective passports and divide the group between them.

Everyone on the collective passport must be under 18 years old by the end of the planned trip. They must also be a British national, which means one of the following:

  • British citizen (please note that children born in the UK on or after 31 December 1982 may not have British nationality)
  • British overseas territories citizen
  • British overseas citizen
  • British subject
  • British national (overseas)
  • British protected person

You can download a collective passport form from the HM Passport office.

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