Looking for a challenging adventure?

A water sports trip is perfect. As adventures proven to motivate students in a safe, sunny environment, water sports trips are excellent at inspiring your inner adventurer.

Recognising the difficulties of leading an adventure trip, at Activ4 we work to remove and resolve these difficulties for you.

Booking a water sports trip has never been easier, find out our insider’s response to some common questions about booking a trip.


That’s up to you! At Activ4 we tailor make our trips to suit your school’s needs.

We have found, however, that water sports trips tend to be more popular towards the end of the school year. The trip promises to be the perfect way to celebrate hard work at the end of the year, and provide some motivation for those students struggling with this!


One of our popular venues is the Bella Italia Village on the Venetian Coast, complete with a private beach for all your water sports activities. Trips to Spain, Greece and France also prove popular with regular water sports trip takers.

Regardless of your destination, we work hard to ensure your trip promises sun, sand and some serious fun. Why not have a look at our scenic adventure spots!


Water sports trips offer a range of activities to suit the more and less adventurous in your party.

Popular activities on our trip to the Mediterranean include:

  • Topper Sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Stand up Paddle Boarding

There is no better way of bringing your students together than fun in the sun. So why not book your adventure trip of a lifetime today?


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