All teachers have faced it before…

Every class has a student that is completely unenthused, bored and difficult to teach. You try your hardest but struggle when it comes to helping them understand just why you are so passionate about the performing arts.

You can’t force young people to create and express themselves. So how can you prove that there’s really very little to be bored about?

Students love going beyond the classroom and, here at activ4, we’ve made an art out of motivating young people towards a lifetime of learning. Here is a list of the top five places that we recommend you visit with your class if you really want to inspire them.

The Top 5 Destinations to Inspire Your Performing Arts Students: Barcelona

5. Barcelona, Spain

Known as one of the world’s sunniest places, Barcelona is a loud and proud hub for the arts. The reason the city is so inspiring is largely down to the unique lifestyle of the Catalonian people. Their passion for performance ties in with their increasingly social outlook on life. Why not sample a range of exciting delicacies in an authentic tapas bar before heading to   Gran Teatre del Liceu, one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world?

Flamenco and Salsa are both highly respected styles of dance in Barcelona and there are many different beautiful venues where you can watch and explore both. The Teatro Nacional de Catalunya always has a fabulous programme including some of Northern Spain’s finest new works.

You don’t need to be sitting in an audience or concert hall, however, to experience Barcelona’s passionate street performers. The roads and walkways of Barcelona are always popular with mime artists, breakdancers and singers to inspire your performing arts students even when you’re simply browsing the shops!

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The Top 5 Destinations to Inspire Your Performing Arts Students: London

4. London, UK

The capital city of the United Kingdom is bursting with art and originality. Some of the world’s longest running musicals are performed in London’s West End or “Theatreland” every night and this alone makes it a fantastic destination.

What really makes London perfect for performing arts groups are the endless different possibilities for young creative people to explore! You could visit the many world famous art galleries and museums for free before heading to one of the fantastic professional dance and drama workshops that we organise for our groups. What’s more is that it’s all so close to home.

Central London is always busy with new productions and concerts being performed as well as world famous shows like Les Miserables which is now in it’s 32nd year at the Queen’s Theatre. It’s a memorable and exciting place to open your students’ eyes to the magic of the performing arts!

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The Top 5 Destinations to Inspire Your Performing Arts Students: Athens

3. Athens, Greece

Welcome to the city where drama was born. Ancient Greek Theatre has magnificently evolved over thousands of years and shapes a lot of what we know and love about the performing arts today.

Athens represents the combination of ancient history and modern Greek culture, which is a very rare experience and one not to be missed. There are stunning photos opportunities around every corner and your group will be astounded by the iconic Parthenon that looms over the city.

There are more theatres in Athens, both new and old, than any other city in the world! The most famous of these is, of course, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus which hosts the Athens Festival from May all the way through to October.

Before you leave you could take a stroll through the extraordinary National Athenian Gardens and discover exactly what Shakespeare was describing when he set the scene for Midsummer Night’s Dream. This destination has been inspiring young artists for centuries!

The Top 5 Destinations to Inspire Your Performing Arts Students: Veneto

2. Veneto, Italy

The beautiful Veneto region is ideal for arts groups because it offers easy access to three of the world’s most actively artistic cities.

Amongst the mountains you’ll find Verona, the town where Romeo and Juliet were born. The city, with it’s Shakespearean overtones, encourages students to take their texts beyond the classroom and look for themselves.

Why not travel a little further west to Italy’s capital of art and design. The beauty and elegance of Milan attracts school groups from all over the world and it’s not hard to see why. Marvel at the towering Duomo Di Milano, visit the original Prada or D+G stores and learn the backstage secrets of the widely renowned Teatro Alla Scala!

As well as Italy’s largest lake, Veneto is also home to the unforgettable canals of Venice. Amongst the winding streets and waterways you will find endless galleries and shops where you can even learn how to make your very own Venezian mask. Many of our groups use these to continue exploring the Italian art of Commedia Dell’Arte.

This place is like one, big open air museum made for performing arts students.

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The Top 5 Destinations to Inspire Your Performing Arts Students: New York

1. New York, USA

The Big Apple. The home of some of the world’s most beloved characters, stories and pieces of music. It’s the destination that so many teachers would love to take their performing arts students. So why not go?!

Whether it’s magnificent architecture, busy television studios or show-stopping Broadway musicals, you are bound to love this city and all it has to offer.

Between strolls in Central park and meals in Times Square, you can go behind the scenes at NBC and discover how some of NYC’s biggest TV shows are filmed and produced.

For views unlike any other, go to the top of the Statue of Liberty or the even the Empire State Building if you’re feeling brave. You will feel like the world is at your feet.

The main attraction awaits. Broadway is the most recognised theatre district in the world and your performing arts students will have the opportunity to dive in head first. Here they can see the highest quality of theatre (new and old) with their own eyes before learning skills from cast members themselves in exclusive workshops.

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So why not travel with activ4 to any of the above destinations, for amazing prices, and inspire those lethargic performing arts students next year?! We can guarantee that they will start falling in love with the performing arts from the moment you leave school. 


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