Picture this: blue, clear waves lapping against a clean, powdery beach and children shouting in laughter as they try and stay upright on a paddleboard together!

Our international watersports tours are the perfect way to get students working together and, most importantly, getting them outside in the fresh air!

We are all painfully aware that children are spending less time playing outside than they ever were, but surveys show that a staggering majority of parents want their children to feel connected with nature. For this reason, our watersports tours work for any subject as they get your class outside, in the water, and working together!

Here are our top reasons to try a watersports tour with your students next year!

Better relationships with peers and teachers

Overseas school trips are the perfect way to build better relationships with your students, and even more importantly, see them build even better relationships with each other.

Put two students in a kayak together and you’ll soon see them communicate with each other in ways you never thought possible – you’d be surprised what the fear of being the only team to capsize will do for a child! Watersports encourage talking, laughing and sharing – what better way to learn?

Research produced by the School Travel Forum has indicated that 71% of teachers felt they knew their students better after a residential school, and 70% of their students felt they got on better with their peers after a trip.


A gentle wind blows the breeze through your hair, waves lap the edge of your stand-up paddleboard and you feel the strength running through your body as you manage to stand upright for the first time on the moving sea… can you imagine the feeling of adrenaline? Of achievement? Of CONFIDENCE?!

Watersports aren’t always easy, but at Activ4 we ensure your students have the friendliest instructors, the optimal length of sessions and top facilities to achieve their personal best!

It’s already been proven that 87% of students felt more confident trying new things after attending a residential school trip – with a watersports trip, we bet it’s even higher!

Improved behaviour and attainment

A fantastic school trip like a Watersports adventure is the perfect carrot – or stick! A treat for your students, we have heard again and again from our tour leaders that students are so excited they didn’t put a foot out of line in the run up to the trip. And with the respect earned by being the teacher who is taking your students out, behaviour often improves long after as well.

However – it is not just behaviour that improves. The benefits of learning outside the classroom are numerous and well-documented. Getting outside means better marks and improvements on predicted grades too!

School recognition

Want to put your school on the map, or give your department a boost? A unique trip such as a Watersports trip shows that you are dynamic and looking for new ways to encourage and inspire your students at every turn.

Well-placed, well organised school trips overseas can increase the number of students applying to both the school and to your individual subject!

Language skills

It sounds a bit out there – but what better way to practise your French/Spanish/Italian than listening to instructions on how to stay on a catamaran in your chosen language?

Our language-based watersports trips include the use of modern languages in practise and encourage students to use the language of choice in everyday (and not so everyday!) settings!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to book your next Watersports trip!


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