Watersports Greece: Take a look at our exclusive centre.

The adventure team here at Activ4 wanted to be able offer a unique school water sports trip experience. So to do this, we turned to our friend Spiros who owns the magnificent Sportcamp complex in Loutraki and worked alongside him to develop a new and exciting product.

Watersports Greece: Sportcamp

watersports greece
Sportcamp Loutraki is the largest and best equipped, privately owned sports centre in Greece. Less than an hour’s drive from Athens it has built a reputation for excellence. Loutraki is a coastal resort popular with Athenians looking for a relaxing beach holiday. Only a few kilometres away, is Heraion Lagoon which is separated from the sea by a narrow peninsula. The infrastructure here for a school water sports trip is excellent and only surpassed by the fabulous scenery.

watersports greeceWatersports Greece: Safety

Activ4 is a member of the School Travel Forum and as such we pride ourselves in achieving the highest possible safety standards. In doing so we employ the UK’s leading specialist consultant to be our technical advisor to ensure that all the adventure centres that we use are living up to the standards you require.

Watersports Greece: The rest…

Another attraction for a school water sports trip to Loutraki is that you stay in Sportcamp and have access to all of their fantastic sports and entertainment facilities. There are football pitches, tennis courts, basketball courts, squash, in fact you name it and it’s probably there.

And the fun doesn’t stop there… There are a couple of water parks to choose from, one in Loutraki itself and one nearer to Athens and of course there is Athens itself. Athens is a magical city with so much to see and do. You don’t need to be an historian to wonder at the Acropolis and all of the ancient architecture that surrounds you. For school watersports Greece really does have all you need, and we haven’t even mentioned the weather…
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