Ski trips are a staple in many school’s calendars, at Activ4 we understand how important it is to find the right trip to suit you.

In response, we have compiled some key elements you need to consider when booking your next ski trip, in the hopes that it may help make things at little easier for you.

Choosing the location

The destination of your next ski trip is an important thing to consider. A good way to help narrow down your choices is to really think about your group. Choose a destination that will really cater to your group, for example, if your skiers are beginners considering a destination with an excellent ski school is a must. Luckily, at Actvi4 we offer a diverse range of locations to host your next ski trip, letting us know more about your groups needs means we can find what is right for you.

Time of Year

Another thing to decide when booking your next trip is the time of year you wish to travel. This may not be a consideration for those given specific dates from school, but if possible looking at different times of year to travel can really impact your overall trip. For example, travelling outside of half term and the busier times of the season can significantly lower the cost of your trip and give you access to great resorts that would have otherwise been fully booked.


It is helpful to consider how you intend to travel throughout your ski trip as this may in turn affect your choice of resort and vice versa. If you wish to travel by coach this often tends to reduce the cost of your trip, however, there may be some resorts that you cannot reach by coach, so it is important to really think about your travel plans.

At Activ4 we want to work with you to help find the right destination for you. Why not tell us more about what you are looking for so we can ensure we find the perfect destination sure to suit you.



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