take students on a school ski trip

Students often try something new

For most of our groups on a skiing trip, 50% of the students have never been before, and if it was not for the opportunity to take students on a school ski trip, many students would never have the chance to try this fun activity.

Some students take this as their once in a life time chance and really throw all their energy into learning to ski. The progression students can make in just one week can often be quite surprising.

As proud owners of the LOTC badge (learning outside the classroom) Activ4 select resorts with the best ski schools. This ensures the students get the most out of their week’s lessons.

Gain new personal development skills

One of the best skills (other than skiing) that students learn while being away on a ski trip is independence. If asked, most students would say that mum does pretty much everything for them at home, but mum isn’t there to pick up their dirty socks during a ski trip. Students learn how to get themselves ready in the morning for the days’ skiing. They have to take responsibility for their ski equipment and lift pass.

The Activ4 team make sure to find suitable hire shops, ensuring the students are fitted with their equipment correctly. When it comes to lift passes we understand that it is important to be able to access all areas of the resort which allows students to experience the full potential of the ski resort.

Develop a better rapport with teachers after trip

Lots of students aren’t keen on their teachers but this can change after a week away skiing. Sometimes this is as simple as seeing teachers outside of the schools gates in their ‘own’ clothes, or to sharing the first gondola up in the morning.

Another aspect that improves students’ rapport with teachers is the experience of travelling to and from resort. Over 70% of ski groups that travel with Activ4 choose to go by coach, (did you know that coach travel is better for the environment? See our blog on whether to travel by coach or flight). Activ4 ensure that they only work with premium coach companies with executive coaches.

Partake in physical activity

According to the Government, children are becoming obese at an earlier age each year, with a third of children between the ages of 2 and 15 now either overweight or obese. Skiing is an excellent way of getting some exercise in a fun and social environment.

And if students aren’t tired after a day’s skiing, Activ4 offer a range of evening activities including tubing, bowling, swimming and ice skating.

Ski school tours – North America versus Europe

Make new friends

The majority of schools offer their ski trip to the whole school. By doing this the students on the trip can come from different years and social groups. This encourages students to make new friends with other students that they may not have met before.

One way that these friendships can be made is with evening activities like karaoke and quiz nights in the hotel. Activ4 select their hotels to guarantee appropriateness for schools. As members of the STF (school travel forum) all of the Activ4 hotels have been approved by our qualified auditors.

Experience a new country

Ski trips are often associated only with the PE department; however this is not the case with an Activ4 trip. We want to encourage all trips to be cross curriculum.

With ski trips, students experience a new country and culture. Students may be able to practice their languages with their ski instructors, or learn about the history of the country.

Unplug from technology

Most 15-24 year old spent an average of 4 hours a day on their phones. That’s a quarter of the time that they are awake a day. Some students even think that something bad will happen if they don’t check their phone on a regular basis. However a week away in the beautiful mountains can soon change their minds.

The resorts that Activ4 offer are handpicked for their picturesque views as well as ensuring they are suitable for all levels of skiing.


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