Have you ever thought about taking your students on school trips abroad? Or wondered what the advantage is of going somewhere overseas when there’s so many fabulous destinations within the UK?

We asked some of our teachers the key reasons they would choose to take their school trips abroad.

, and the same reasons came up again and again!

Experiencing a different culture

Travelling beyond the United Kingdom can mean that both students and teachers alike are exposed to a lifestyle completely different from their own. Even in Europe, the subtle differences are the most interesting ones – as are the similarities!

It has to be one of our favourite activities watching two kids from completely different backgrounds agreeing on their number one footballer!


There is nothing that strengthens relationships more than travel. The School Travel Forum has reported that the majority of students and teachers feel more connected to each other after a trip, and in our experience, this is definitely the case.

Discovering exciting new places together, learning things and creating unforgettable memories means that you and your students will come back stronger than ever. Perfect for teams – or just any teacher who wants to be in a position to motivate!

Offering opportunities

Due to time and money commitments, not all parents are in a position to take their children abroad or even on holiday. Well-planned school trips abroad, with spaced out payment deadlines, can give your students opportunities that they simply wouldn’t get otherwise!

Our Managing Director, Steve Scott, is an ex-teacher himself, with an incredible breadth of experience in running trips – even before he started Activ4! Being able to offer new experiences to children who may not have had them otherwise has been a huge driving factor for the growth of Activ4!

Building confidence

The advantages of extending the learning experience beyond the classroom is numerous, and many studies have proven that children who have the chance to practise a subject outside of school both grow in confidence within that subject and in general! We are members of the Learning Outside the Classroom Council and the School Travel Forum so we know the importance of this, and ensure confidence-building opportunities are built into your itinerary!

Ok so, now you know the benefits, but what about the potential headaches? Planning, logistics, safety and security, the list goes on… but it doesn’t have to! Working with a specialist school travel organiser ensures that you are in safe hands throughout the process. Here at Activ4 we have over a decade of experience in planning school trips abroad and delivering tailored school tours that both inspire and motivate young people. We are committed to providing the best value experiences with passion and integrity, and in line with market leading standards of safety and support.

If you do choose to travel abroad with your students, always ensure you travel with a reputable school tour operator specialist who is a member of the School Travel Forum to guarantee security for all.

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