Teacher inspiration: Looking for something Fresh and Inspiring that will also be great fun?

Then here are 5 great reasons why School Trips cover all those bases.

Let’s face it, we all need an opportunity to demonstrate our worth, the problem is we don’t all get the same opportunities to be recognised for a broader range of skills and leadership. So, why not take the initiative?

Raising your Profile

Starting out on your teaching career is a true voyage of discovery, putting into practice all you have learned about classroom management, subject delivery, attainment targets and assessment and so on.

Yes it’s daunting but as you settle into life as a teacher you start to understand that not only is it a profession but it is also a career and like all careers there are competitive elements in being successful.

What better way to gain recognition than to be involved in providing a fabulous extra-curricular opportunity to pupils?

Motivating Students

Don’t overlook the motivational currents that flow around a school trip. Even the most established of teachers recognise the extra leverage that offering students the chance to be part of a foreign adventure with their friends.

Therefore, you can set standards and expectations that match those you will require whilst on tour. School sports tours are a great example of developing a positive motivational impact on training sessions and competition for places.

Developing Students

The satisfaction of seeing your students grow in confidence and ability whilst on a school trip is the essence of why teachers take such pride in organising them.

Taking students out of their environment and teaching them new skills, such as learning to ski in the mountains on a school ski trip, has been a traditional opportunity to demonstrate that learning extends ‘beyond the classroom’.

The Chance to be Seen in a Different Light

It’s a truism that you only get out of life what you put into it.

So, in taking a school trip, what better way to be seen as more than just a teacher, indeed as a real person who has a personality and talents that transcend the necessary structure of regular school life.

Be seen as a party leader and an organiser, someone with the can-do spirit that will inspire those around you.

Have Some Fun

What are the most abiding memories of your school days?

Most of us will focus on the times that we enjoyed the most and shared with others, so it is without apology that we offer ‘Having Fun’ as a fresh opportunity to liven up the new year. This applies not only to students but also to colleagues, what better way to create strong bonds than by travelling and sharing adventures together.

If we have touched a chord with any of the above points why not get in touch with us and chat about the fabulous opportunities that await you this year. Activ4 School Tours has built its reputation on customer service which means that we can make your dreams of taking your students beyond the classroom a reality.

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