It sounds a little silly to be talking about skiing holidays in 2021. Especially when we haven’t even started the 2019/2020 winter ski season yet. However, we believe that now is the best time to get your 2021 school ski trip planning started.

Activ4 School Tours have been running ski trips for over 10 years and with many of our team being keen skiers, we want to spread our wealth of knowledge with you. We understand what you, as the party leader, will require for a safe, well organised ski trip.  School Ski trips are often the highlight of the school year for your students and they will talk about them for years to come. Have you read our blog on why take students on a school ski trip? Here are our reasons for starting on plans for a 2021 School Ski Trip now.

All Activ4 School Ski trips are planned for your group’s requirements. From the very beginning when you make an enquiry we want to know what you want so we can meet these requirements. Once you have booked you will be informed who your tour coordinator is, who will be ready to help with all your pre-departure needs. In resort we will ensure that the continued customer service is met by ensuring a rep is available throughout your stay should you require any assistance.

Young girl doing cartwheel on mountains, 2021 School Ski Trip

Young girl doing cartwheel on mountains

Your 2021 School Ski Trip Early Season Rates

Activ4 School Tours are offering an early season rate until the end of December 2019. Early season rates give you the best price for skiing in 2021 across all of our amazing resorts. We can only offer these rates for a limited amount of time.

More Time to Pay

School Ski Trips are often the most popular trip in the school year, that being said it can often be the most expensive. By booking well in advance parents have more time to save. Payments can be made in smaller instalments. With more time to save, the trip is offered to more students who may not have had this opportunity with a shorter payment schedule.

chair lift sunny day

Chair lift on a sunny day

Choice of Resorts

To ensure you get the best resort for your schools needs you need to be able to have choices of resorts. With most schools having the same February half term holiday, hotels will fill up quicker and choices will become limited. Choosing the right resort for your groups needs is part of what Activ4 School Tours want to help you with. When speaking to our sales team they will ask questions to ensure that they help you to pick the right resort at the right price to suit you.

Have you thought about going skiing at Easter in 2021?

Good Friday is on 2nd April 2021, most schools will have that week and the following. With Easter being that little bit earlier you could try some spring skiing. Some people believe that spring skiing is the best time to go. Two of the biggest reason we love spring skiing are; the snow softens under the sun, meaning smaller bruises should you fall. The second reason is yet again the sun, helping students to stay warmer. Less bruises and warmer students make happier students and that makes happier teachers.

Call us today to find out how we can help you find the perfect 2021 ski trip for you.



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