Pre-Christmas skiing is a lovely thought but how practical is it to take a school group away at the end of term?

Well, as of this coming weekend our ski season gets under way and here is how our groups are making sure that they get all the skiing that they need.

tignes pre-christmas skiing

Famous for the Grande Motte glacier, Tignes is renowned for the length of its season which stretches from September through until May… and even then you can go back and ski in the summer. The Espace Killy ski area, named after the ’60’s skiing legend Jean Claude Killy, occupies a commanding position in the Tarentaise Valley with lifts that go up to 3600m.

So that takes care of the first insecurity that early skiers generally have, namely will there be any snow? In this case, yes.

What are the benefits to travelling before Christmas?

Great value for money

The obvious plus point is that travelling outside of peak season means that you can get great value for money. The Tignes and Val d’Isere ski regions, which combines to create the Espace Killy are particularly sought after destinations which in turn generates premium prices during busy times such as the half term holiday. This way you get the best of both worlds, a glamorous resort and wide open, and often empty slopes.

Empty slopes

Empty slopes is really a point in itself. The opportunity to make the most of your time because you are not stuck at the bottom queuing for the lift shouldn’t be underestimated. Quieter slopes also give your students plenty of room to develop their technical ability. We can all remember how disconcerting it is when you are learning to be in the middle of what seems like a white motorway of skiers hurtling past you.

A more relaxed atmosphere

And finally, the more relaxed atmosphere in hotels when they are not as busy means that, often, staff have more time to be attentive than they would when in the height of the season. If you want hot chocolate by the fire then why not?

So just a few reasons why we have seen an upturn in pre-Christmas skiing. If you are thinking of putting together a school ski trip for this time of year take a look at our packages to Tignes or why not give us a call and chat about what you are looking for on 01743 467267



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