Paddle Boarding: An easy access activity to introduce school groups to water sport activities. Here’s why it is becoming the fastest growing water sport…

Stand up paddle boarding has seen an upsurge in popularity over the last decade and this has seen it becoming an increasingly popular inclusion in the line up of activities for school water sport tours.

Paddle Board Heritage

Thought to have originated in Africa, Paddle boarding’s popularity has its roots in Hawaii in the 50’s and 60’s when surfers stood and used a paddle to help them photograph other surfers. It spread across the United States and beyond because it gave people a taste of surf culture without the requirements of actually having rolling surf. This meant that flat bodies of water and calm seas were ideal venues for beginners and young paddle boarders to learn and enjoy a new sport.

paddle boarding workout

A Fun Way to Workout

Paddle boarding offers students an unusual and enjoyable opportunity for a workout. Often they won’t even notice the core workout they gain or the amount of cardiovascular energy used as their focus is taken up with the challenge of mastering the new skills involved.

Paddle Boading

A New View on the World

In its purest form, paddle boarding provides one of the simplest forms of enjoying the water with the minimum of equipment… a surf board and a paddle. So it is no surprise at the way its popularity has increased, especially when you couple that together with the fabulous vantage point it affords too.

With just some basic instruction, students on a school water sports tour and your students can find themselves enjoying a view of the coastline from an upstanding position on the ocean.

Paddle boards

Boards have Developed

Paddle board design has moved forward in recent years from the basic surf board used in Hawaii at the outset.

Wider and more stable boards now have deck pads to stand on and shaped hulls to assist manoeuvrability, therefore making paddle boarding a much more relevant and enjoyable activity for school groups.

It’s Easy to Learn

One of the main reasons that Paddle boarding has been so well received be students on school water sport trips is that in comparison to surfing it is relatively easy to learn the skills required to take part. Even nervous or unsteady paddlers can master moving around on the water by starting on their knees and only taking to their feet once their balance has improved.

paddle boarding competition

And Now It’s Becoming Competitive

Slalom events, individual timed events, distance and sprints are all encouraging participation in the sport. So those who are looking for more than just a gentle paddle around the coastline or down river can now find events which cater to their competitive bias. Athletes from around the world gather to compete in races with over 700 other paddlers.

Great Places for School Groups to Enjoy Paddle Boarding

There are a number of outstanding locations that school groups can take part in paddle boarding.

The Blue Flag, Sant Pol Beach on the Costa Brava is a prime example. The natural current and prevailing winds are Ideal for school adventure and watersport groups as they return the students back to shore.

Whilst Lignano Sabiadoro has a wonderfully broad beach and the gentle swells of the Adriatic. School adventure trips to this part of Italy love the ease of access given by Bella Italia Village



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