We’ve got a whole programme aimed at allowing girls to compete on a level playing field!

Activ4 Women’s Football Programme: We don’t just talk a good game…

That’s right, talk is cheap! Here at Activ4 we aren’t on the fringes of the women’s game we are right in the middle of it, literally… every Saturday. For the last 5 years we have been coaching and running girls teams so we know just how much the game has changed in just that short period. We get that teams are looking to a new horizon, to challenge expectation and grow in stature. That’s why the Activ4 Women’s Football Programme is specifically about you.

We wanted to create a programme of events that wouldn’t just blow the roof off but take out the doors and windows too! The starting point was to create tours and tournaments that actually fit in with the times of year when UK teams can travel and to provide an environment which not only provides testing competition but also an opportunity for team and player development through expert coaching.  An environment which would establish new friends and an exchange of ideas… oh and lots of fun too.

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Expectation is only going to grow with such an important summer of women’s football ahead of us. That’s why the Activ4 Women’s Football Programme has opened the door for professional training camps and clinics from big names throughout the UK and Europe. Increased participation levels are all about inspirational opportunities, chances to see just what can be achieved. So to prove that we are leaders and not followers, we’ll provide tours and tournaments that are run by our expert staff in the most exciting venues. And do you know what… we’ll be bringing our own teams along too!

International Girls Football Tours and Tournaments

  • Girls Football Development Festival
  • Fantastic International Tour Packages
  • Pro Coaching from UK and European Clubs

Girls Football Development Festival: Spain

Would you like the opportunity to take your squad to a European training camp and work with some of the most exciting coaches in the game? Then you need to join us next Easter in Platja d’Aro just south of Barcelona where we proudly host the exciting multi sport festival, SportsFest.

With Prices starting from just £372.00 this is a fantastic opportunity to really raise the profile of the game. So give us a call or send in an email for further details…

 International Girls Football Tours

The single biggest opportunity that can be given to your players is to provide them with the chance to go on an international tour. Not only is this the place that memories are made but it is also where they start to realise their potential as footballers. Some may one day be thinking of using football to help them with scholarships etc… Well now they will know just how they measure up. Talk to us about all we can offer, here are just a few.

Pro-Coaching from Top Ladies Clubs

Want to see behind closed doors of some of the most powerful ladies teams in Europe? Well now we can offer you just that. This is a great way to nurture the girl’s game by letting them see how the professionals do it. Call or email for more…

Stand for Something Different

  • Expert Tour Management & Organisation
  •  Pro Coaching Sessions
  • Core Skill Development
  •  The Chance to Compete in Europe





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