Activ4 School Tours would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to travelling with you to new destinations in 2020! Thank you for choosing us for your past, present and future school trips.

New Destinations

At Activ4 School Tours we are always looking at ways to add great educational trips and sports tours to our product line.  In 2019 we have we added 4 new destinations that we are sure will meet more of our clients’ requirements. Keep reading to find out more about what we have added. If you would like to know more about any of our products please fill out our quick and easy request a quote form and we will contact you to discuss these.

Educational Trips

During 2019 we have increased our range of Educational Trips. All of these have been planned to enrich your students understanding of different cultures, by doing fun learning activities outside of the classroom. Topics include the history, the traditions and rituals, the local cuisine and the arts and values of the destination.

school education tours krakow poland horse cart

Krakow, Poland – Educational

Krakow is one of the most popular destinations for school groups especially for World War II studies. Students will get a full understanding of how much this city has been through during the war. They can even have a workshop while on their tour of Auschwitz which covers a range of topics. Alternatively, you could have a meeting with a witness who knows the extent of the trauma that happened here.

school education tours normandy france

Normandy, France – Educational

With Normandy being just a short journey from the UK, there couldn’t be a better location for an educational trip. Normandy is full of history as well as being a great place to “pratique ton français”. Activ4 School Trips stay at the UNCMT centre which is ideally located 300m from the beach. The centre is in the small village of Ver-sur-Mer located on the site of the British Landing sector, Golden Beach.

school education tours italy pompeii

Pompeii, Italy – Educational 

Close to the modern city of Naples, Pompeii is an ancient Roman city that has been preserved in time. Students can learn all about Mount Vesuvius and how the molten lava covered the city. As well as visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site along the Amalfi Coast. This unforgettable trip with its variety of cross-curriculum topics, including history, geography and art, is ideal for all students.

Long Haul Sports Trips

In the last year we have noticed that more schools want to go further for a sports trip. They also want to include more excursions to give students a real understanding of the destination.  With this in mind we have launched trips to Canada and Australia. These complement our trips to other distant locations such as South Africa and Sri Lanka.

school sports tours football canada toronto

Toronto & Ottawa, Canada – Sport

Take a summer sports trip to Canada and experience a whole new culture. Staying in one of the biggest cities for sport in Canada, Toronto has so much to offer for sporting fans. The options for excursion days are endless. From Canada’s Wonderland a 134 hectare theme park to Niagara Falls to see the spectacular of the water falling the famous 54 meters.

Let’s get you ready for the New Year!

If any of these new products have spiked your interest please contact us and we will be happy to get a quote to you ready to launch in the New Year.

We hope that you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Activ4 School Tours!


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