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Your essential guide to getting your school trips abroad right in 7 Simple Steps…

Leading a group of students on school trips abroad will be one of the most incredible & memorable gifts you can offer during your career as a teacher.

Experiences you create for countless students will shape the future for your students and essentially your school too. How great it is to be at the forefront of transforming lives that might otherwise not get the opportunity. 

  1. Get the thumbs up & use a Specialist Tour Operator

Once you have the go ahead from the powers that be, allow us to lead you down the safe & stress free route of planning your school trips abroad.

  1. Promote! Promote! Promote!

Get the buzz going around your school. We can supply you with posters, parent’s letters and presentations to assist you with this and are happy to attend the school for a Q&A session.

See great advice from teacher’s here… School Ski Trips…. SportsFest (Football & Netball Tours)….

3. Set Deadlines

Don’t get behind on payment dates and keep up to date with incoming names.  There’s nothing worse than a last minute panic when we request final names lists as they appear on passports.

  1. Get trip fit

Depending on the overseas school trip, school sports toursSkiingWatersports or Performing Arts, encourage your first time students to exercise the rarely used muscles such sports like skiing or paddleboarding may work.School Trips abroad

  1. Fundraise

Be able to offer the trip to every student. Click here for our list of fundraising ideas.

  1. Pack the essentials

We will send you a recommended list of kit your students need to bring.

  1. Set Sail & Enjoy!

Before you know it your trip will be here and you’ll be jetting off to the snow or sunshine. Rest assured that by booking with Activ4 everything will be in place before your arrival so you can just take things in your stride as the trip will flow like clockwork.

Call us on 01743 469 747 to talk to one of our friendly advisors or get a quick quote here.


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