Educational trips help students get the most out of their learning. Educational trips are catalyst for inspiration and knowledge sure to get your students interested in learning.

An educational trip is perfect for students as it gives them the once in a lifetime chance to gain real life perspective on the topics they are studying.

For example, our educational trip to Pompeii is perfect for history, geography and classics students. Stand under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius and put yourself in the shoes of people at the time of its eruption. See, first hand, the lasting effects of the eruption and understand the unique geography and landscape surrounding this great volcano. A trip to Pompeii ensures a lesson students will not forget in a hurry!

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Furthermore, educational trips provide a unique and engaging environment guaranteed to push students in their learning.

An educational trip to Rome will do just that. Visit the famous historic sites and landmarks of Rome, and give your students the chance to see life from a Romans perspective. For example, the coliseum and Vatican City are famous sites sure to inform and excite students. Trips of this nature allow students to enjoy an aspect of self guided learning, they allow students to see for themselves and collect their own ideas on how it would have felt, for example, to be a gladiator in the coliseum.  Help your students to find new motivation for learning by letting them engage in their studies in a way that would never be possible inside the classroom.

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Educational trips are perfect cross-curriculum experiences we believe further students learning in an unprecedented way.

We also offer educational trips to a range of other interesting locations covering many different aspects of learning, why not find out more about what we offer?



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