What comes to mind when you think back to your first school trip?

Perhaps you remember the person you sat next to on the coach, the songs you sang to pass the time, the talk about what you’d do on the trip, the images you made in your head of what it would be like, and what it was actually like. The new friends you made, the new sports activities you did, the achievements that you made, the achievements that made you.

You experienced new activities, environments & languages that perhaps shaped your future, career, hobbies and lifestyle. You passed this passion for your chosen interest down to your kids and influenced your friends.

Imagine never leaving your town, perhaps you didn’t until that one school trip that led you into a new and exciting, maybe daunting environment. Some kids never leave the town they are born in often for reasons beyond their control.

Now you’re a teacher, you see the glistening excitement in their eyes as you announce the school trip, the longing to be the first to get their reply slips in, the questions asking what they’ll be doing, where they’ll be going, what show they will see, which teams they will play, which country they will go to, even which new town….?!

You also see the sorrow in their eyes when they gratefully accept the trip letter to parents knowing full well they don’t stand a chance of being able to join the trip. You know the potential in this student and long for them to join the trip. You’ve seen the change in students before, during and following a trip. Change it for them, this is more than just a sports trip, more than just a ski trip, more than just any trip because to many of your students you are more than just a teacher.

Being teachers ourselves leading a variety of international tours and experiencing first hand what effect a school trip has on children, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of exposing kids to new environments has and the sheer rewards it will give you as a teacher.  Our passion is helping you to make it happen.

“But I’ve never organised a trip…I wouldn’t know where to start!”…Panic not, follow our rough guide here…

“Our kids can’t afford it…” Click Here to see Fundraising ideas, get everyone involved.

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